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Nairomi, officially the Republic of Nairomi, is a country in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa.[1]


Massacre in Nairomi[]

In search of a story, Lois Lane traveled to war-torn Nairomi, seeking an interview with Amajagh, who led one faction in the Nairomian Civil War. Lois was accompanied by photographer Jimmy Olsen, who was secretly undercover for the CIA. Jimmy had a tracking device hidden in his camera, revealed by Amajagh's bodyguard Anatoli Knyazev. Jimmy stated that Lois knew nothing of the device or his identity, before Knyazev shot him. Lois was then taken as a hostage by Amajagh who threatened to kill her. However, Superman arrived and saved Lois from the warlord. Lois recovered a bullet from the scene, and after researching discovered it to not be made by any known manufacturer.[2]

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