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"The anguish I endure every time I don that helmet... when I join with Nabu, a being as old as the universe itself."
Kent Nelson[src]

Nabu is a powerful Lord of Order and the creator of the mystical relics that gives Doctor Fate his magical powers.


Choosing Kent Nelson[]

At some point, Nabu began to fight multiple demons, seeing the need to find an agent to turn into Doctor Fate, Nabu chose Kent Nelson, granting him mystical powers by putting on the Helmet of Fate, with which he could contact Nelson as well as summoning a suit, turning Kent into a vigilante.[1]


Nabu vowed to face evil and chaos, including fighting demons, so at some point he began granting his powers to the wearer of the Helmet of Fate in favor of defending good, becoming a mentor to Kent Nelson.

Powers and abilities[]





Behind the Scenes[]

  • In the comics, Nabu is a powerful magic-user and prominent member of the Lords of Order. He is the being who gives Doctor Fate his powers, using Fate as an agent on Earth.


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