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"There was a time above. A time before. There were perfect things, diamond absolutes. How things fall. Things on Earth. And what falls... is fallen."
Bruce Wayne[src]

The Murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne was a homicide perpetrated by mugger Joe Chill in Gotham City on the night of April 26, 1981. The incident was the main catalyst of Bruce Wayne becoming the Batman.


Thomas Wayne's last words[src]
BvS - Assassination of Thomas and Martha Wayne-12

Bruce mourns his parents while Joe runs away.

On Wednesday, April 26, 1981, after watching Excalibur, the Waynes were walking home when they were intercepted by Joe Chill who held a gun on them. Thomas Wayne tried to defend his wife and son, which led Joe to pull the trigger and mortally wound Thomas. Martha then tried to fight him off, but was shot as well.[1]


Wayne Manor in the past

The funeral of the Waynes.

Bruce Wayne later had a dream that he was attending the funeral of his parents near Wayne Manor, but ran off, stumbled across a decrepit area of the estate and fell into a cavern filled with numerous bats, which lifted him off the ground.[1]

Alternate Versions[]

Flashpoint Timeline[]

"I lost my parents. That pain made me who I am."
Bruce Wayne to Barry Allen[src]

Sometime in the mid 1900s, Thomas, Martha, and their son Bruce Wayne left the Monarch Theatre and encountered an armed criminal. The man would take the lives of both Thomas and Martha Wayne, but leave a traumatized Bruce to live.[2]