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"A foundation has to be built on something." ―Dru-Zod, Man of Steel
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Mr. Keo's daughter was the unnamed daughter of Mr. Keo and Mrs. Keo, members of the Golden Lions crime family within Gotham City.


Captured by Black Mask[]

When Mr. Keo refused to join Black Mask's crime syndicate, Black Mask captured him as well as his wife and daughter. He took them to the basement of his Black Mask Club and had them tied, chained, and hung upside down. There, he intended to kill them all by having his lieutenant Victor Zsasz cut off their faces.

After having already had Mr. Keo and Mrs. Keo killed, he decided instead to spare their daughter. However, her whimpering and blubbering irritated him and when she blew a snot bubble, he got so annoyed that he changed his mind again and decided to have her killed anyway.[1]