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Mongul the Elder is the alien ruler of Warworld and the father of Mongal.[1]


Mongul the Elder became the ruler of Warworld. He had a daughter, Mongal, who travelled to Earth for some unknown reasons, where she was captured and imprisoned in Belle Reve.[1]


As his daughter Mongal was rather aggressive and malevolent, it can be inferred that Mongul is possibly similar in temperament.[1]

Powers and abilities[]


  • Super strength: Assuming he is anything like his daughter Mongal, Mongul the Elder likely possesses a degree of heightened strength.
  • Super durability: Similiarly to his daughter, it is highly likely Mongul the Elder is incredibly durable and very difficult to harm.


  • Leadership: As the ruler of Warworld, Mongul is savvy with the leadership of an entire planet.[1]




  • In DC Comics, Mongul is a villain of Superman who enslaves aliens to use them for gladiator combat on Warworld.
  • Mongul the Elder is only mentioned in relation to the DC Extended Universe on a collectible card that was ultimately never produced for sale.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • While Mongul the Elder doesn't appear in any capacity in The Suicide Squad, he is mentioned in promotional cards sent to the media to promote the release of the film.


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