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"He was a really nice guy, and he sacrificed himself to help us."
Polka-Dot Man to Harley Quinn[src]

Milton was a member of the Maltese Resistance who acted as an ally to Task Force X in their mission to destroy Jotunheim and Project Starfish. He was killed by the Corto Maltese Armed Forces in his efforts.[1]


Early life and rebellion

Milton lived in Corto Maltese for years under the tyrannical reign of the Herrera family and briefly dictator Silvio Luna and his fiendish right-hand man Mateo Suarez. Eventually, Milton joined the Maltese Resistance to bring democracy to Corto Maltese.[2]

Helping Task Force X

Saved by Task Force X

Milton is interrogated by the Corto Maltese Armed Forces.

"Are you Milton?"
Bloodsport and Milton crying[src]

Milton decided to support Task Force X by joining the team to help them stop Project Starfish, so the Maltese resistance would send Milton to fetch supplies from his van. Upon returning, Milton would run into some soldiers supervising the road on which he was coming who would ask for his papers, Milton very worried would start looking for them.[2]

Milton cries after being saved by Task Force X.

However one of the soldiers would ask him to open the door when he saw the boxes, scaring him, the soldier would insist angry for me to open the door. In that, Task Force X sent by Sol Soria would begin to brutally assassinate the soldiers, scaring Milton even more to the point of crying, Bloodsport would approach Milton's window to ask if it was him, so Milton would answer affirmatively.[2]

Capturing Thinker

"Señores, this is the place."
―Milton to Task Force X[src]

Having rescued him, Soria would then explain to the squad how Milton would take them to the La Gatita Amable club in his truck search of kidnapping the scientist Thinker to force him to enter in Jotunheim bases, while Milton helped lower the supplies. That night and utilizing his van, Milton drove Task Force X to the club Thinker frequented, however Milton could not enter the club and would wait outside.[2]

Milton helps the Suicide Squad to kidnap Thinker.

The squad would be able to kidnap Thinker, however the soldiers of the armed forces would arrive in search of the infiltrated Americans, Milton would try to enter the club to help the squad, but a guard would prevent him. Finally, Milton would meet with Abner Krill and Cleo Cazo who had escaped with the captured Thinker, so they escaped in the truck to search for the rest of the squad who had been captured. Milton would later pick up Rick Flag, Bloodsport and Peacemaker from a crashed military vehicle, after they were captured, alongside the rest of Task Force X.[2]

With Thinker captured, Milton took the squad on a mission to rescue Harley Quinn in his truck. Shortly after meeting, the squad would go to the roof of a building, Milton would deliver empanadas to the squad that he had prepared, while they ate the squad would explain their mission to Gaius Grieves, and how he should help them.[2]

Infiltration in Jotunheim

Milton with the Squad walking in the rain.

Milton followed Task Force X to Jotunheim in order to assist their infiltration. As the team prepared their equipment, Milton attempted to use a shotgun, before Rick Flag took it away from him, presumably due to Milton's inexperience. In a heavy rain, Milton accompanied the squad to the entrance as they brutally killed the soldiers that supervised on their way.[2]

Milton is killed by the Armed Forces.

Milton and the squad entered the base, closing the door and blocking the security systems so that the rest of the soldiers did not come to chase them. Once inside the tower, Milton assisted Bloodsport, Harley Quinn and Polka-Dot Man in planting explosive charges on each floor. Soon after entering an office space, however, Milton was gunned down by two Corto Maltese soldiers.[2]


"I can be your friend, Milton."
"Not my name.
Harley Quinn and Bloodsport[src]

Shortly after his death, Polka-Dot Man grieved over Milton and announced his demise to his fellow Task Force X members. However, Bloodsport believed Milton was waiting outside in the bus whilst Harley Quinn didn't even remember him. This angered Polka-Dot Man, as he saw Milton as a "really nice guy" who sacrificed his life to help them. After the battle of Valle Del Mar, Harley would mistakenly confuse Bloodsport's name with Milton.[2]


"So when this great love affair with Milton started?"
"I liked him from the begining, okay? I just can't say anything until-
Bloodsport and Polka-Dot Man[src]

Milton proved to be a friendly person with the Maltese resistance and especially with Task Force X, in favor of liberating his country from the dictatorship that it was being lived, trying to help them in every mission he could, despite that, Milton seemed to be a quiet person with very few words. Milton was in charge of helping the squad to kidnap Thinker by taking them to La Gatita Amable, as well as later preparing empanadas for the squad to eat. Similarly, Milton helped the squad to plant bombs at the Jotunheim base even though his presence there was not necessary. Despite not being well remembered by the suicide squad, Abner Krill would remember him as a kind guy.[2]


  • Bilingualism: Milton was fluent in Spanish and English.






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