Officer Michael "Mike" Rucka is a police officer in the Gotham City Police Department.


Rucka is a untrained Gotham City Police Department officer partnered with most experienced Officer Mazzuccheli. Rucka and Mazzuccheli were called to respond to a rumored Batman sighting in a Gotham suburb. As they approached the house they found a Batarang stuck against the side of the wall, where they hear cries for help in the basement. As they got down there, Rucka discovered a cage full of women who'm he tried to help. The women though shut the cage in hope of something. Rucka and Mazzuccheli split up after hearing a man scream and followed the noise. Rucka discovered Cesar Santos tied to a radiator before turning to see Batman hanging in the corner of the wall. Rucka panicked In fear and fired shots at Batman who moved too quick and escape up the chimney before he nearly shot his partner.





  • Rucka's portrayer Mason Heidger did posts on Reddit as soon as his work in the movie was done, using the screen name "batmansayshi".
  • The role of Rucka is similar to a cop in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, down to a line where he says that he always thought Batman was a myth.
  • Rucka is named after Greg Rucka, writer of many Batman comics in the 2000s.
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