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The Midway City Train Terminal is a train station in Midway City.


Battle of Midway City[]

When Enchantress attempted to escape the control of Amanda Waller she retrieves a relic her brother Incubus was trapped in and finds a host where he can grow his strength. Incubus then began attacking civilians and eventually finds himself in the Midway City Train Terminal. As Waller begins to realize what Enchantress is trying to do, she began violently stabbing her heart, which begins to severely weaken Enchantress. However, her brother Incubus transfers half of his powers to her until they retrieve her heart.

Midway City Train Terminal

The terminal under siege

Waller then dispatches her Task Force X to Midway City. The team prepare at Midway City International Airport before flying into the battle, along with Rick Flag and 2 teams of US Navy SEAL's. After they reach the railway station, the remainder of SEAL's and Killer Croc go underwater to plant a bomb beneath the Incubus, while the others enter and fight Enchantress and her forces. El Diablo amplifies his powers, increasing his size into a large flaming avatar sacrificing himself to detonate the bomb underneath. The resulting explosion destroys both El Diablo and the Incubus as well, ending Enchantress’ hex. Enchantress attempts to proposition the squad to fulfill their truest desires in exchange for their allegiance. Harley Quinn is then able get close enough to cut her heart free. Captain Boomerang finds the heart idol and gives it to Flag who eventually crushes it, killing Enchantress and freeing June Moone. Afterwards, Waller emerges and the squad members are returned to prison at Belle Reve, but are granted ten years of their prison sentences.[1]