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Midway City is a major city located in the U.S. state of Michigan. It is possible the city is located upon the border of the Great Lakes, as the primary imagery in the city seal is a lighthouse.

In 2016, the city briefly became the base of operation for the Enchantress and her brother Incubus, prior to their demises from the combined efforts of Task Force X and the U.S. military.



In 1834, Midway City was founded in Michigan.[1] and grew to become a major city in the U.S by the 21st century.[2]

21st century[]

Battle of Midway City[]

Attack on the City[]
Enchantress holds her finger to her mouth

Enchantress after waking up.

In 2016, while sleeping in Midway City, June Moone transformed into Enchantress against her will. Right after, she left to find the vial containing her brother Incubus, who she unleashed into Gerard Davis, a man in the subway. Together, Enchantress and Incubus destroyed parts of Midway City and created a mystical super weapon referred to as "the ring". When the time came, Incubus attacked the Midway City subway, absorbing many people to restore his true form and destroying trains. The efforts of the U.S. military and local police to "contain" him failed dramatically, the first responders being wiped out by Incubus' tentacles.[2]

Evacuation and Loss of Life[]

Practically everyone in Midway City was known to have made attempts at evacuation. Over two million people drove or walked across the bridges as well as crowding city transit before transferring to trains that would take them to Gateway City which was located across the bay. Thousands of others were known to have used ferries to get to Gateway City and Central City. Although many managed to evacuate, many people died in the first wave of attacks. A series of underground gas explosions erupted, causing even more chaos. Some remaining individuals who wished to loot the city soon found themselves hunkered indoors.[3]

Calling on Task Force X[]

Waller then called on Task Force X to extract a valuable person from Midway City. The team, led by Rick Flag, contained Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, El Diablo, Killer Croc, Katana, and Slipknot. Later, Waller sent June Moone and Rick Flag to destroy Incubus, but the attempt turned into an opportunity for Enchantress to make an escape and join her brother instead. Although without her heart, she was unable to bring the full extent of her powers to bear, and was saved from an apparent death under Waller's hands and restored to her more "healthy" form by her brother sharing his power with her. She then used her power to create both her army and her super weapon.

While Incubus continued to wreak havoc in the city and destroy the military's attacks against them, he also contributed to the super weapon by lifting the wreckage of buildings and destroyed military equipment to the "ring" now hovering above Midway City. The military was then forced to cease containment operations and evacuate the city's population, calling up the rest of the Suicide Squad against this new threat.[2]

Fighting in the streets[]
Deadshot battles eyes of the adversary

Deadshot shoots down Eyes of the Adversary in the streets of Midway City.

Together, Task Force X fought Enchantress' Eyes of the Adversary in the streets who specifically targeted Rick Flags due to his relationship with June Moone, swarming them. Slipknot was by his nano bomb, as he was attempting to leave instead of fight with the rest of the Squad after being told by Captain Boomerang that it was just a hoax. Together, the remaining members of Task Force X won the battle against Enchantress' minions, and they continued their mission.[2]

Death of Enchantress and Incubus[]
Enchantress at full power

Enchantress at her full power

In a final battle against Enchantress, the remainder of Flags' men and Killer Croc went underwater to plant a bomb beneath Incubus, while the others entered and fought the Enchantress and her forces. The usually placatory El Diablo amplified his powers, increasing his size into a large flaming avatar and managing to subdue the Incubus, sacrificing himself to detonate the bomb underneath, resulting in an explosion that destroys both El Diablo and the Incubus as well as the machine, ending the Enchantress's hex. Enchantress was then killed, and June Moone remained alive and escaped, reuniting with Flag.[2]





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