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For alternate versions of Metropolis News 8, see Metropolis News 8's Organization Hub.

Metropolis News 8, shortened as MN8, is a major news broadcaster based in Metropolis.


At some point, the reporter David Rowland began working for the station. He was known as someone with significantly more phony gravitas than professional journalism.[1]

Zod's Message[]

MN8 Lois Knows Superman

MN8 hosted Glen Woodburn after Dru-Zod broadcasted a threatening message across the planet, interviewed by David Rowland.[1] There, Woodburn revealed to the world that Lois Lane knew the identity of Zod's target.[2]

Bat Brand of Justice[]

MN8 reported on Batman's branding of Cesar Santos and his subsequent assault in prison.[3]

Conspiracy against Superman[]

Interview with Kahina Ziri[]

MN8 Kahina Ziri

After Superman arrested Amajagh, Kahina Ziri was interviewed by MN8 as a witness to Superman's murderous rampage that killed her parents in the area. Although it was later revealed that Kahina's parents were alive and well and that she was blackmailed by Lex Luthor, the interview helped spark hatred for Superman among many.[3]

Heroes Park Hate Crime[]

MN8 Heroes Park

Metropolis News 8 received footage of Wallace Keefe's arrest after Keefe had defaced the Superman Statue with the words, "FALSE GOD," which they covered.

The Superman Question[]

MN8 The Superman Question

"The Superman Question" became a highly debated topic on Superman and how he should be viewed by the world. Glen Woodburn is a vocal detractor of Superman's, who was hosted on at least one occasion by Metropolis News 8 on the matter.[3]

Hill of the People[]

MN8 Hill of the people press conference

Senator June Finch publicly invited Superman to a "hill of the people" discussion to take place at the United States Capitol the next day during a press conference. MN8 was one of many outlets covering the conference.[3]

Metropolis' Homegrown Terrorist[]

MN8 Metropolis' Homegrown Terrorist

After the bombing of the United States Capitol, Metropolis News 8 covered the local aspects of the story due to Wallace Keefe, the suspected culprit, being a Metropolis citizen. The story included speculation that Superman was involved in the incident, largely due to his inability to prevent the blast despite being mere feet away, in combination with the fact that the hearing was intended to give control of his actions to the people.[3]

Unusual Activity at Heroes Park[]

MN8 Unusual Activity at Heroes Park

When Lex Luthor activated Scout Ship 0344's Genesis Chamber to create the desecration without name, power surged, drawing the attention of the local news. They sent a reporter to the scene, where she continued reporting on the incident until a blast of energy from the beast wiped out their ability to continue. Anderson Cooper then noted that they had lost contact and that they were unsure of what had just occurred.[3]

Known Employees[]


  • Their website is news8metropolis.com, which takes you to a Warner Bros. landing page in the real world.
  • In Justice League it's shown that there's an unnamed and somewhat less professional news broadcaster on channel 9 (one channel away from MN8).