Metropolis is a large city located in the District of Metropolis of Delaware in the United States of America. Metropolis is famous for its forward-looking, optimistic spirit, captured in its nickname "City of Tomorrow". It is home to the headquarters of both the Daily Planet newspaper and global corporation LexCorp Industries. It is located across the bay from its sister city, Gotham, in New Jersey and is the home of the alien superhero Superman.


Metropolis was founded in 1661 by early European settlers at the start of the colonization of North America. It grew steadily to become one of the largest cities in the world, and became a famous tech hub and media centre.[1]

Much of Metropolis' central business district was destroyed by General Zod and his Kryptonian military forces in their attempt to convert Earth's atmosphere to that of Krypton's. Whole buildings were obliterated and rubble and debris covered the area. Metropolis recovered in time and became safeguarded by their new local savior, Superman.[2] In the aftermath, a large statue of Superman was built in the city center in a new purpose built venue called Heroes Park.[3]

The city is now the home of the superhero Superman, and was protected by him along with the rest of the world until his tragic death in 2015, when sacrificing himself to stop a mighty monster known as Doomsday.[4]

When Superman was resurrected a year later, thanks to the help of Flash, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Batman, he resumes his role as local superhero.[5]


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