"Yes, the Metahuman Thesis! More likely than not, these exceptional beings live among us, the basis of our myths. Gods among men upon our, our little blue planet here!"
Lex Luthor to Senators Finch and Barrows[src]

Metahumans are a class of individuals that possess extraordinary powers, traits, and abilities through either accidents, foreign exposure, or a unique genetic composition, making them considerably more powerful than regular humans. While some of them appear perfectly human, some appear very different.


"It is our time. The sun is setting and magic is rising. The metahumans are but the first sign of the change."
Enchantress to the Task Force X regarding metahumans[src]

The earliest metahumans were created during World War II, where the Nazi Party established the Jotunheim facility in Corto Maltese to create metahumans for military purposes. However after the defeat of the Nazis, the plan was abandoned and the Nazis abandoned its operations at the facility. The facility would later be controlled by ruthless Latin American dictator named Silvio Luna.[1]

Metahumans were under investigation by LexCorp Industries. The data that Lex Luthor collected on them as part of the LexCorp surveillance was stolen by Bruce Wayne. This revealed their existence to him and then to Wonder Woman, whom he later shared the metahuman data with.[2]

After Superman's funeral, Batman and Wonder Woman discussed bringing together the metahumans seen in Luthor's files in the case of another global calamity. When Diana asked for the reason why Wayne wanted to assemble these people and why they would be willing to help, Bruce replied, saying that he "just had a feeling" (in reality, he was following the instructions given to him by the scarlet time-traveler that appeared in one of his "dreams").[2]

Amanda Waller, the director of ARGUS, formed the Suicide Squad, a team of disposable incarcerated criminals with exceptional abilities, skills, and powers which could be forced to battle against formidable metahumans that threaten the human race. Though joining unwillingly, Task Force X (as the Squad was officially called), under the leadership of Rick Flag, successfully defeated the powerful Enchantress and her brother Incubus, both ancient and extremely powerful Homo Magi fixated on taking over the world. For their help in saving the world, the Suicide Squad members were given 10 years taken off their respective prison sentences.[3]

Known Metahumans



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