The Men of War is the military force of the Atlanteans. It is the front line army of defense for Atlantis.[1]


Atlanna's capture

In 1985, after Queen Atlanna was found living with her husband Thomas Curry and their son Arthur in Maine, the Men-of-War, by orders of King Orvax arrived and demanded that she return to Atlantis with them. Atlanna fought off and defeated all of them, but she later chose to abandon her family to return to the sea to keep them safe.[1]

Attack on Atlantis

When Atlantis was attacked by David Kane's submarine, the Men-of-War along with the Xebellian Soldiers fought back against the invaders from the surface.[1]

Working with Black Manta

Under the order of King Orm, the Men-of-War worked with Black Manta and gave him Atlantean weaponry and armor, hoping that he would kill Arthur Curry.[1]

Attack on Sicily

They chased Mera and Arthur Curry in SicilyItaly. The squad working with Black Manta was defeated by Mera.[1]

War for Atlantis

During the War for Atlantis, the Men-of-War fought the Brine in the Battle of the Brine.[1]


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  • Aquaman was the live action debut of the Men-of-War.
  • The army shares the same name of the Men of War comics that have come out in DC Comics's history.


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