Officer Mazzuccheli is a police officer working for the Gotham City Police Department.


Mazzuccheli is an experienced Gotham City Police Department officer partnered with rookie Officer Mike Rucka. Rucka and Mazzuccheli were called to respond to a rumored Batman sighting in a Gotham suburb. As they approached the house, they found a Batarang stuck against the side of the wall, where they hear cries for help in the basement. As they got down there, Rucka discovered a cage full of women who'm he tried to help. The women though shut the cage in fear of something. Rucka and Mazzuccheli split up after hearing a man scream and followed the noise. Mazzuccheli took one side of the house before hearing Rucka firing off shots and went to assist his partner, who nearly shot him as he came round the corner, with Rucka frantically saying he saw Batman.[1]





  • The role of Mazzuccheli is similar to a cop in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, who walks along with a rookie cop as they meet Batman.
  • He is named after David Mazzucchelli, artist of the seminal Batman: Year One comic.


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