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"Silvio era un hermano para mí, pero siempre fue un romántico. Quería que el mundo lo tomara seriamente, mientras jugaba con sus pájaros. ... Rusia, Estados Unidos, China — !nos van a tomar enserio cuando la bestia los haga mierda¡[1]"
―Mateo Suarez[src]

Mateo Suarez was a high-ranking military official in Corto Maltese and the right-hand man to Silvio Luna. After Luna's death, Mateo took office as president to honor the memory of his late leader. Mateo sent some soldiers to attack Task Force X and watched as Starro escaped, and was mind controlled by Starro's spores until Mateo was dead.


Rule of Silvio Luna

Mateo Suarez helped Silvio Luna to make an attempt against the Herrera family to take control of Corto Maltese. When Luna rose to become dictator of Corto Maltese, Suarez became his right-hand man, earning the title of mayor general and leading the Corto Maltese Armed Forces as part of his tyrannical reign of terror. During their first days in office, Suarez and Luna would assassinate the entire family of Sol Soria.[2]

Dealing with Thinker

"Unlesh the creature in the U.S., and then it will destroy them of all."
―Mateo Suarez to Silvio Luna[src]

Mateo Suarez and Silvio Luna take possession of the Project Starfish.

While Task Force X infiltrated Corto Maltese, Luna contacted the scientist Gaius Grieves, who worked with the Herrera family, to discuss the Project Starfish. At the meeting, Suarez mocked Thinker's brain, so Thinker responded ironically, making Suarez angry, Luna stopped Mateo telling him to behave. Thinker continued explaining the Project and its history with videos of his meeting with NASA, finally Thinker told them that the creature was hidden in Jotunheim. Suarez accompanied the soldiers and Thinker to see the creature that remained hidden to take possesion on it, until Luna retired to meet Harley Quinn.[2]

New Presidente

"I'll wring information out of her. But I doubt she is the only soldier sent by the Americans."
―Mateo Suarez after taking power[src]

Mateo Suarez after taking the power.

Luna would be assassinated by Harley Quinn after the president tried to manipulate her. After the murder, Quinn would be quickly detained by the soldiers and sent to a torture chamber. Vera would break the news to Suarez, telling him that the generals agreed that he should assume power, while Suarez would then decide to kill Silvio Luna's birds by lighting it on fire.[2]

Suarez tourturing Harley Quinn.

Suarez would visit the torture chamber in which Quinn was, asking her multiple times how many metahumans the Americans had sent on the mission, at one point Quinn would answer 69, so Suarez would be surprised until Harley made a mocking laugh, then Suarez told his assistant to continue electrocuting her until she apparently fainted, so Suarez left the place asking the assistant to keep an eye on her.[2]

Mateo Suarez is called.

Some time later, in the government house where Suarez was, he would receive the news by phone that Task Force X was infiltrating the Jotunheim bases, so that Suarez and his soldiers would quickly go there, causing the Maltese Resistance would infiltrate the government house with ease.[2]

Controlled by Starro

"I was happy, floating... staring at the stars."
Starro using Suarez's corpse[src]

Suarez sees his end coming.

Upon arrival, Suarez and his troops tried to stop Task Force X, however they then observed how the base exploded and Starro was released, while he began to release multiple spores that began to control the Armed Forces, Suarez watched lamenting knowing that his last moments arrived until finally a spore reached him. With the spore in his face, Suarez was killed and the spore took the power from his corpse, Starro used Suarez and all his other victims to attack Task Force X.[2]

Starro using Suarez's corpse to send a message.

Suarez's death instantly made it easy for Sol Soria and her allies to seize state power in Corto Maltese, assassinating Vera and other high-ranking generals in their path. When Task Force X managed to finish off Starro, this used Suarez's body to send a message to his killers before he died, claiming to have been happy floating in space. Starro would finish dying, so Suarez's body and the other infected would fall to the ground.[2]


"All hands on deck." ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
"All hands on deck." ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
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Being loyal to Luna, Suarez had the same goals as Luna, both of whom wanted Corto Maltese to surpass countries like United States, China and Russia, and that they would use the Project Starfish to achieve that goal. Nevertheless, in contrast to the methodical, Machiavellian cruelty of Luna, Suarez was aggressive, ill-tempered, and more than willing to get his hands dirty.


  • Bilingualism: Suarez was fluent in both his native Spanish and English, although he lacked an understanding of English nuance (particularly slang).
  • Expert tactician: To be added
  • Expert leader: To be added




Behind the scenes


  1. Translates from Spanish to: Silvio was a brother to me. But he always was a romantic. He wanted the world to take him seriously. Meanwhile, he was playing with his birds. … Russia, the U.S., China — won’t take us seriously until the beast destroys them.
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