Maseo Yamashiro was the husband of Tatsu Yamashiro.


Maseo Yamashiro was born in Japan alongside his brother, Takeo, with whom he soon fought over the love and affection of an attractive samurai-in-training, Tatsu Hikari, sometime in early adulthood. Though Tatsu loved both brothers, she eventually chose to marry Maseo, making Takeo feel so rejected that he refused to attend their wedding. Following the deaths of his wife's parents, Maseo started a family with her which included giving birth to two baby daughters.

Meanwhile, Takeo prepared for his revenge by joining the Yakuza and rose through the ranks of the organization. He soon stalked and tracked him down and one day, started a fire in Takeo's home and killed Takeo with the ancient Soultaker while he was trying to protect his daughters.



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