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"I don't care if Wonder Woman has a job. I want to contribute. At some point, Billy, like everyone on Earth, we have to get a job or... leave home. Nothing lasts forever."
―Mary Bromfield to Shazam[src]

Mary Bromfield is the eldest foster sister of Billy Batson, at age 16, and the "den mother" who helps take care of the other kids at the foster home.[2][3] Eventually, she and the rest of her foster siblings gained the powers of Shazam, leading them to form the Shazam Family.


Early life[]

Like the rest of her adopted siblings, Mary Bromfield is an orphan who was adopted at some point by Victor and Rosa Vasquez, seemingly the first child they adopted.[4] When they first adopted her, Mary did not like living with the Vasquezes, and even ran away twice, but after the second time, she eventually grew to love her new family.

By the time that Billy Batson had been adopted, Mary had applied to Caltech, a highly prestigious university, and was conducting a phone interview, mentioning her adoptive parentage at Victor's advisement. At school the next day, Mary witnessed Billy stand up for Freddy when the Breyer brothers harassed him before he fled once he had become the target of the bullies' anger, not returning home until the next morning.[4]

The birth of Shazam[]

"You're him. You're the hero."
―Mary Bromfield to Billy Batson[src]

Some days later, Mary had received her acceptance letter from Caltech only to become despondent at the thought of leaving her family behind. Distracted by these thoughts, she was nearly run over by a snowplow, being saved by a superhero. When she spoke to the hero about her issues, he advised her to prioritize her own interests and dreams, though accidentally revealing that he knew both her name (initially waving this off as a power of his) and that she lived in a foster home.

Shazamily (2)

After Shazam had dueled Thaddeus Sivana, Victor and Rosa spoke to Billy about his irresponsibility. As the three spoke, Mary noticed a news report of Freddy speaking with Shazam allowing her to deduce that Billy was Shazam, something Darla eagerly confirmed. When the four siblings confronted Billy over this, he was reluctant to ever resume the mantle of a hero before they revealed they'd found his biological mother, two subway stops away from them, causing him to rush after her. As Victor and Rosa went after him, Mary was left in charge of her siblings before Sivana arrived and claimed them all as hostages.

Rock of Eternity Attack

Mary and her siblings at the Rock of Eternity.

Billy soon arrived and initially dueled Sivana again before he surrendered himself to the villain and was taken into the Rock of Eternity to have his powers drained. The siblings followed Billy through and, after escaping from the Seven Deadly Sins, teleported back to Philadelphia, though inside a gentleman's club, with Sivana hot on their heels.[4]

Becoming a superheroine[]

Defeat of the Deadly Sins[]

To evade him, the quintet tried to blend in with a carnival crowd only for Sivana to unleash the Sins forcing Billy to reveal himself and duel his foe. The other five tried to draw out the Sins, with Mary firing at Sivana's eye with a carnival game gun, only for him to catch it at the last second. Ultimately, they were captured once again with Sivana trying to use the Staff to drain Billy's powers. In a moment of insight, however, Billy stole the staff and used it to bestow his foster siblings with his powers, transforming them as well.

Shazam Family

Shazam family.

With their new powers, the Shazam Family was able to hold off the Sins long enough for Billy to claim the Sins' containment orb and trap them back inside, though not before he briefly teased his siblings that he'd fallen under their influence. With the battle won, the siblings returned the Sins to the Rock of Eternity, claiming the realm as their "lair" before returning home, Billy now an eager participant in their family rituals.[4]

A new hangout[]

Shazam Family sitting in Rock of Eternity

The Shazam Family appreciating their new lair.

After their fight with Sivana and the Sins, Mary and her brothers returned to the Rock. Billy put the Eye back and re-imprisoned the Sins. They proceeded to sit down on six of the thrones before noticing there was an empty seventh throne.[5] The next day, Mary led her siblings to sit by Freddy at lunch, before Billy, as Shazam, made good on a previous promise to Freddy and joined them, before revealing that he'd also invited Superman to join them.[4]

Rescue at the Philadelphia Museum of Art[]

Mary and her other brothers were contacted by Billy and Freddy about a robbery going on in a museum. They meet at the lockers, where they transformed into their superhero alter-egos and headed for the museum. They arrived and quickly intervened. Mary and Freddy each took down a thug by smashing them with pieces of art from the museum while his brothers stopped the other thugs. The robbers were detained and the art was returned.[6]

New Adventures[]

Door To Death[]

To be added[7]

Darla's Keepers[]

To be added[7]

The Big Game[]

To be added[7]

Chrocodile Catastrophe[]

To be added[7]

Time Out[]

To be added[7]

Darla's Birthday[]

To be added[7]

Leadership Qualities[]

To be added[7]

Revenge of the Hesperides[]

Kidnapping of Freddy[]

To be added[8]

Capture of Hespera[]

To be added[8]

Escape from the Rock of Eternity[]

To be added[8]

Battle of Philadelphia[]

To be added[8]

Sacrifice and Resurrection of Billy[]

To be added[8]

Family dinner[]

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"What I'm most excited about is the campus experience. As a foster child, I'm a big believer in finding family and friends in the most unlikely of places."
―Mary Bromfield[src]

Mary Broomfield is a collected and friendly individual, who is shown to be a good older sister to her foster siblings, who all generally like her. Out of all the orphans, she provides the sharpest contrast to Billy Batson as he initially kept everyone at a distance, looked out only for himself and acted irresponsibly while Mary is firmly attached to her foster family, puts others before herself and is the most mature family member after their foster parents.

Due to her love for her foster family, Mary was initially very distressed when she learned that her college degree meant she may have to leave them. She also gets very protective of her foster family, whether that be from bullies or Thaddeus Sivana himself, and is extremely defensive of their youngest, Darla. She even risks her life or puts herself in harm's way if it means keeping the other kids safe.

Mary is also quite intelligent, being accepted into the very prestigious Caltech, with her also being able to rather quickly deduce that Billy Batson was the superhero upon looking at a newscast and recalling the recent events that had transpired in the Vasquez home. Mary was also able to swiftly improvise a plan to weaken Sivana, by suggesting that she, along with her foster siblings, lure out all the Seven Deadly Sins from the supervillainous doctor, so as to render him powerless.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Divine empowerment: After shouting Shazam!, while holding the Magician's staff, Mary was given the ability to transform. When transformed, Mary has many powers and abilities, which exceed the capabilities of humans. Like Billy, and unlike the others, her powers do not appear to be specialized towards any one ability.
    • Superhuman strength: Mary is superhumanly strong, as she was able to fight against the Seven Deadly Sins with ease.
    • Superhuman durability: Mary's body is much more resistant to physical damage than the body of a normal human being, enough to withstand hits from the Seven Deadly Sins.
    • Superhuman intelligence: As a superhero, Mary's already high-level intelligence is enhanced.[1]
    • Superhuman speed: Mary used her superhuman speed to save the people on the bridge.
    • Flight: Mary is able to fly in her superhero form.
    • Electrokinesis: She shot a beam of lightning at Kalypso, whilst battling in the sky.


  • Gifted intelligence: Mary Bromfield is quite intelligent, observant and perceptive, having been an academic overachiever in high school (with her curriculum including AP calculus)[1] which allowed her to be accepted into the very prestigious Caltech, with her also being able to rather quickly deduce that Billy Batson was the superhero upon looking at a newscast and recalling the recent events that had transpired in the Vasquez home. Mary was also able to swiftly improvise a plan to weaken Sivana, by suggesting that she, along with her foster siblings, lure out all the Seven Deadly Sins from the supervillainous doctor, so as to render him powerless.
  • Combatant: As her Super Hero, Mary showed an aptitude for hand-to-hand combat while facing the Deadly Sins.
  • Skilled markswoman: Mary Bromfield is a skilled markswoman, being able to utilize a carnival game gun to fire a shot at Sivana's Eye of Sin, and would have successfully nailed him had he not used his superhuman reflexes to quickly intercept it.


  • Mary's suit: When empowered as her Super Hero, Mary wears a costume that is colored red, just like Billy's with a lightning bolt on her chest. It also has a white cape with a hood and gold trim and a skirt.






  • Her alter ego is not named and appears as "Super Hero Mary" in the credits.
  • In most adaptations, Mary is Billy's biological, long lost, twin sister. This version, inspired by the New 52, portrays her as an unrelated foster sibling.
  • Despite being the tallest out of all her siblings in human form, Mary is the shortest in superhero form.

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