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"You know, I never thought I’d see the defenders of Earth united and fighting as one. It wouldn’t have happened without you, Bruce. Your mother and father would be proud."
Martian Manhunter to Bruce Wayne[src]

Martha Wayne was the mother of Bruce Wayne. She was killed along with her husband Thomas Wayne by a mugger, leaving Bruce orphaned and in the care of their faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth.


Early life[]

Born in 1946, Martha later met and married Thomas Wayne, having a son named Bruce.[1]

Murdered by Joe Chill[]

Martha Wayne is killed by Joe Chill

Wayne is killed by Joe Chill

Thomas Wayne to Martha Wayne[src]

On 1981, Martha was having a family night out at the Aragon Theatre in Gotham City with her husband Thomas and son Bruce. On their way back home, they decided to take a short cut down an alley. However, the three were mugged at gun point by Joe Chill. Chill then shot both Martha and Thomas, destroying her pearl necklace with the trigger, killing them in cold blood right before their son's eyes. Thomas, with his last breath, spoke Martha's name.[1]


"Why did you say that name? Martha? Why did you say that name? WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?"
Batman to Superman[src]

At some point, Bruce had a dream where he visited his parent's mausoleum and placed flowers on each of their tombs. Bruce noticed that a red liquid began to bleed out of his mother's tomb leading him to investigate it. Before he could do anything however, a Bat Creature and a swarm of bats tore its way out of her tomb, with the creature quickly grabbing ahold of Bruce and then biting him. Bruce then awoke, realizing it had all been a dream.

When Superman mentioned Martha's name as Batman was about to kill him, Bruce was painfully reminded about the night his parents died. It was here that Batman discovered Superman also had a mother whom he loved (with her even having the same first name as his mother), thus realizing the two weren't so different after all, as well as waking up to his own hypocrisy. Batman promptly proceeded to save Martha Kent, so as to atone for his mistake.[1]


Much like her husband, Martha was a loving mother and wife, as she notably risked her life to protect Bruce from Joe Chill.





Behind the Scenes[]

  • Martha Wayne in the DC Extended Universe is the fifth live-action incarnation of the character, following incarnations portrayed by Sharon Holm, Eileen Seeley, Sara Stewart and Brette Taylor.


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