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The Manta-Sub is a classified, yet highly advanced prototype stealth submersible that was originally owned by the Navy, but was stolen and captained by Jesse Kane and his son, David.


Attack on the Stalnoivolk

The Manta Sub sneaks up on a sub

The Manta-Sub sneaks up on a Russian sub

The Manta-Sub is first seen prior to the hijacking of a Russian nuclear submarine. As it docks on top, the crew board and attack the sub's crew. Following Aquaman's intervention, it would seem that David Kane is the only user of the sub now.[1]

Reported theft

The Manta Sub's schematics

News broadcast of the stolen sub

Later on, while drinking in a bar with his father, Aquaman saw a news report the revealed that Kane stole it from the navy.[1]

Meeting with Orm

Orm meets with Kane

The Manta-Sub above an Atlantean cruiser

Sometime later, in the North Sea, David Kane sits atop the sub whilst waiting for Orm to show up. When his subordinates arrive, they attempt to give Kane his payment for accomplishing his task; but he refuses, demanding that Aquaman be brought to him (as punishment for killing Kane's father).[1]

Birth of Black Manta

Kane starts building his suit

Interior of the Manta-Sub

Later on, after Aquaman and Mera fled to the surface world to begin the search for Atlan's Trident, Orm gifted Kane with advanced prototype Atlantean weaponry to lead his Men of War to hunt down, and kill, both of them. Aboard the Manta-Sub, Kane retro-fit numerous pieces of tech into a fearsome, suit of armor to have an edge against Aquaman.[1]


The submarine is equipped with a gattling gun as its primary weapon and is capable of travelling at high speeds while also remaining undetectable by sonar.


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