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Man of Steel Prequel, or Man of Steel: The Prequel, is a limited edition official tie-in comic to the 2013 film Man of Steel. The story was written by David S. Goyer, Geoff Johns, Zack Snyder with Sterling Gates providing the script. The interior art was illustrated by Jerry Ordway.


Approximately 18,000 years before the Kryptonian Civil War, Kara Zor-El and her classmates were in a training exercise retrieving beacons on behalf of the Explorer Guild in the Kryptonian jungle. Kara explained that the exercise was about preparing for unknown and potentially hostile planets during their space exploration mission. After traversing through the rigorous landscape, Kara sent Nam-Ek and Dora to the south, her and Thara to retrieve one of the beacons, and sent Kell-Ur, her boyfriend, and Dev-Em to retrieve one of the beacons. Dev-Em angrily questioned her authority, but Kara dismissed him and sent them off. As Kara located the beacon, she heard the screams of Kell-Ur, who was about to fall off a cliff. As she tried to help him up, a snake bit his hand and Kell-Ur fell to his death. Dev-Em arrived from behind who Kara accused of murder. Dev-Em tried to kill Kara with his machete, claiming that since only four students would graduate, killing the others would greatly improve his chances. However, Kara quickly disarmed and subdued Dev-Em to be arrested by the Kryptonian Law Council.

At Kandor, the Law Council declared Dev-Em guilty of assaulting Kara Zor-El and murdering Kell-Ur, the first murder on Krypton in a millennium. They initially invoked the death penalty, but after protests from other council members, they decided to imprison Dev-Em indefinitely. At the Explorer Guild, they presented Kara Zor-El with the Star of Rao award for her impeccable scholastic record and her heroism in subduing Dev-Em at her graduation. Shortly thereafter, she was promoted to captain assigned to Scout Ship 0344 to colonize other planets for Krypton in the so-called "Great Age of Expansion". She said her farewells to her parents, Zor-El and Alura, as they gave her a sunstone with a holographic image of Kara and Kell. As thousands upon thousands of scout ships left Krypton, two Sapphire Guards discovered that Dev-Em had escaped from prison.

As the scout ship left Krypton, Kara prepared the ship and her crew to hibernate for ten years until they reach their planetary destination. During her deep sleep, she dreamed about the day Kell-Ur fell off the cliff, however, Kara was able to fly and rescue him. Suddenly, she woke up from hibernation and discovered that Dev-Em had sneaked aboard her ship and killed her crew over the ten years she was asleep. Dev-Em explained that a few council members disagreed with his execution and released him aboard a scout ship into space. He remarked that the law council would rather spare a convicted criminal than desecrate centuries of Kryptonian values and culture. Dev-Em explained that he wanted to travel to the Sun system to forcibly breed a new Kryptonian colony with Kara. They began to fight each other, which severely damaged the ship's control systems and automatically set an emergency course for Earth. The ship crashed onto prehistoric Canada and a silhouette left the ship in the snow.

In 2013, a signal was discovered by NASA, which located the signal to Ellesmere Island in Canada underneath ice shelves thousands of years old. Elsewhere, Clark Kent was working on a fishing boat off the Alaskan coast.






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