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Man of Steel - Title Card

There's a wide variety of Man of Steel merchandise, which is detailed below.


Man of Steel home media[]






Character figures[]


1:4 scale[]

1:6 scale[]

Other/unknown scale[]

Hot Toys[]

Action figures[]

Movie Masters 1:12 scale figures[]

DC Collectibles 1:12 scale figures[]

Mattel 3.75-inch action figures[]

Mattel 3.75-inch figure accessories and deluxe toys[]

Square Enix Play Arts[]

Other action figures[]


Funko Pop![]

Other Funko products[]

Mini Mez-Itz[]

Other toys and collectibles[]

LEGO DC Super Heroes[]

Hot Wheels DC Character Cars[]

There weren't any cars released alongside Man of Steel, but a couple years later the Man of Steel was released with card art based on the DCEU version of Superman. This car casting would then continue on as the primary character car for the DCEU Superman, which it remains to be today.

Blind bags[]


Starter Set and TabApp Elite[]

The Starter Set is everything needed to play the game, and so came with a set of HeroClix figures. Those included are: 101 - Superman, 102 - Jor-El, 103 - Kryptonian Warrior, 104 - Nam-Ek, 105 - Faora, and 106 - General Zod. The TabApp Elite two-pack is a set of figures (Superman and General Zod) that can be used with iPad and Android tablets to defeat AI enemies and level up the characters. The figures are also fully compatible with a standard game of HeroClix.

Main set[]


Food-related products[]

Fast food promotions[]

KFC not only had Man of Stel kids' meal toys, but umbrellas based on the movie that came with certain family meals and an additional Chaki Kids Club promotion. The kids' meal toys were:

  • Superman launcher
  • Superman figure pen
  • Superman note pad holder statuette
  • Man of Steel lenticular character viewer
  • Man of Steel sticker sheets

Carl's Jr. had Cool Kids Combo toys featuring the following:

  • Superman action figure
  • Superman logo glyph ring
  • Superman wrist band
  • Man of Steel trading card packs

Jollibee's kids' meals also had Man of Steel toys, two of which were reused from the KFC line:

  • Superman launcher (shared with KFC set)
  • Man of Steel lenticular character viewer (shared with KFC set)
  • Superman disc blaster

Grocery promotions[]

Beverage promotions[]

Clothes and accessories[]




New Era[]

Bags and backpacks[]

Jewelry and keyrings[]


Other merchandise[]