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"Viva Corto Maltese!"
―The Resistance chant.[src]

The Maltese Resistance[1] is an army of freedom fighters led by Sol Soria in Corto Maltese to rebel against their tyrannical dictator, Silvio Luna. They served as allies of Task Force X.


Rebellion against Luna

Sol Soria formed the Resistance after she'd had enough of her people being abused and slaughtered by the military of her country's totalitarian regime, seeking to topple the tyrannical regime and install a democratic government. They fought valiantly for a long while, but by 2021, they were no closer to reaching their goal.

Aiding Task Force X

That same year, Task Force X arrived in Maltese to destroy the prison Jotunheim, and assassinate dictator Silvio Luna. Soria and the Resistance begrudgingly offered their support, even offering the team a guide in the form of Resistance member Milton. After the mission and the defeat of Starro, Sol was able to take control of the government, finally liberating the Maltese people and allowing free elections.

Known members