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The magic staff was a relic that belonged to the wizard Shazam. With it, he could bestow the power of the gods upon those he deemed worthy, as well as project bolts of lightning.


Massacre in Kahndaq

Shazam used the magic staff in the battle against Black Adam.[1]

Rejected champion

Shazam also was with the staff in 1974 when he tested Thaddeus Sivana as a new champion. Thaddeus attempted to take the staff but was quickly tempted by the corruption of the Seven Deadly Sins, causing the Wizard to reject him and send him back.

Final champion

In 2018, the Wizard tested a new champion, Billy Batson. Shzam told Billy to hold the staff and say his name. When Billy did, he was transformed into an adult and receives Shazam's powers. After the Wizard gave him his powers, he disintegrated in front of him, with Billy still holding the staff.

Billy left the staff at Rock of Eternity, which was later found by Sivana when he invaded Rock. Billy took the staff from Thaddeus Sivana and used it to empower his foster siblings with the power of the gods to help him fight Sivana and the Seven Deadly Sins. Billy then broke the staff to prevent it from being used in the wrong hands.[2]


  • Power bestowal: The magic staff can bestow on humans all of the greatest powers of the gods: Wisdom of Solomon, Strength of Hercules, Endurance of Atlas, Power of Zeus, the Courage of Achilles, and the Speed ​​of Mercury, with the invocation also being a combination of the first letters in the names of each gods.


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