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"The weapons of men draw no blood from our kind. The only thing that extinguishes magic is magic."
Thaddeus Sivana to Billy Batson[src]

Magic or Sorcery is a supernatural force that can be harnessed and utilized for various practices. Beings capable of using magic include the Old Gods, Amazons, Atlanteans, Demons, and the Homo Magi, a human subspecies naturally capable of channeling magic.

Certain humans, like the members of the Shazam Family and Black Adam can also harness magic due to being blessed with the powers of the wizard Shazam. Max Lord and Cheetah used the Dreamstone to obtain magical powers, while Doctor Fate uses the Helmet of Nabu for his abilities. Thaddeus Sivana gained magical powers from the Seven Deadly Sins.



The origins of magic are unclear, but it has at least existed since the dawn of the Old Gods. However, the Rock of Eternity is stated to be the source of all magic. At some point, the Old God Poseidon gifted the Atlanteans with some of his divine steel, which was used to forge the Trident of Atlan for the First King of Atlantis, King Atlan. [1]

Invasion of Earth

During the Invasion of Earth, three of the Old Gods; Zeus, Ares, and Artemis joined the Unity of Earth against the invading forces of the New God Darkseid, with Zeus blasting him with his magical lightning and Ares defeating Darkseid in battle, while Artemis destroyed many of the ships up above. Once the New God retreated, Zeus separated the Mother Box Unity with his lightning, with one box entrusted to the Amazons, one to the Atlanteans, and the last to the Humans, who promptly buried it.[1]

War of the Gods

Ares kills the other Gods one by one.

Later, Ares corrupted humanity, influencing their virtuous nature and instigating war and conflict among them. The other Old Gods attempted to stop him, but Ares slayed all of them except for his father Zeus. The King of the Gods then fearlessly confronted his malevolent son in combat, winning and casting him out from Olympus. Knowing that one day Ares would try to find a way to achieve his goal, Zeus conceived a child with Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. Zeus's foresight payed off, as he fathered Diana (as a contingency "Godkiller"), and using the last of his divine powers, he created Themyscira, an island to keep the Amazons, and more importantly, his daughter safe from Ares, until Diana's time came to become the "Godkiller". [1] Following his death, the power of Zeus was acquired by Shazam.[2]

Great Fall of Atlantis

Atlantis sinks into the ocean due to Atlan's Trident.

During a test of Atlan's Trident, the entire Kingdom of Atlantis sank into the ocean due to a violent magical pulse emanating from the Trident. As a result, Atlantis and its empire splintered into seven successor kingdoms. Atlantis itself would form its own kingdom while others, such as Xebel, the Kingdom of the Deserters, the Fishermen, the Trench, the Brine, and the Missing Kingdom were formed from breakaway factions.

As time went on, the seven Kingdoms would eventually undergo significant changes, either surviving, evolving to a new form, collapse or completely die out: Atlantis and Xebel would survive to the present day and retain the original characteristics of the ancient Atlanteans. The Kingdom of the Fishermen evolved to become fish-like and are considered adverse to conflict. The Kingdom of the Brine evolved into a crab-like and brutish people. The Kingdom of the Trench has regressed into savage creatures incapable of speech or intelligent thought. The Kingdom of the Deserters died out as the Sahara became a desert. The Missing Kingdom was reported to have completely disappeared, leading to it being called "lost." The Fall had an unexpected side effect: the energy pulse affected the survivors biologically, causing them to gain the ability to breath underwater and superhuman strength needed to survive in the deep ocean. Alongside the biological improvements, the survivors safely harnessed the energy source to rebuild their destroyed civilization despite the Atlantean empire splintering.

As a result of the fall, the despondent King Atlan took the trident and went into self-imposed exile, never to be seen again by anyone. His last words were copied onto a recording device and left clues to his whereabouts for future generations to find.[3]

Massacre in Kahndaq

The Seven Deadly Sins are unleashed.

At some point, the Council of Wizards, which included Shazam, selected a man named Teth-Adam to be their champion, bestowing him with incredible magical powers that was sourced from the Old Gods. However, this ultimately backfired as after Teth-Adam lost his family, he unleashed the Seven Deadly Sins upon all of Kahndaq, killing millions of innocent lives. All the wizards save for Shazam were slaughtered by the Sins before he managed to imprison them within statues in the Rock of Eternity. Afterwards, Shazam christened Teth-Adam with the title of "Black Adam" and entombed him deep within the Earth for all eternity.[4]

Coup on Enchantress and Incubus

In 4358 B.C., Enchantress and her brother Incubus left their dimension, finding themselves in Peru. Once there, they were worshipped as deities by the ancient humans that inhabited the region due to their incredible powers. However, they were eventually betrayed and defeated by their subjects and sealed away into containers inside a tomb in the Tres Osos Caves for thousands of years.

Modern times

World War I

Ares using magic to forge weapons.

In the 20th century, Ares resurfaced, subtlety corrupting humanity once again, beginning World War I. Diana, now a young woman, joins the conflict alongside Steve Trevor and the Wonder Men, hoping to stop Ares and end the war for good. In preparation for battling Ares, Diana used various magical weapons, including the Bracelets of Submission, Lasso of Hestia, the God Killer sword, and her shield. During her fight with Ares, the God Killer was destroyed, which Ares revealed that Diana was the true "Godkiller" and the only one who could truly stop Ares. After Steve's death, Diana unlocked her full potential, overwhelming Ares, before killing the latter by redirecting his own attack back at him to destroy the Old God for good. [2]

Cold War

"All hands on deck." ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
"All hands on deck." ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
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Chaos of the Wishes

"All hands on deck." ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
"All hands on deck." ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
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Battle of Midway City

Aquaman wielding the Trident of Atlan.

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War for Atlantis

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Thaddeus Sivana's campaign

Thaddeus Sivana acquires the Eye of Sin.

In 2018, Thaddeus Sivana, a rejected candidate for the powers of Shazam, managed to access the Rock of Eternity, confronting the wizard personally. Upon entering, Sivana confronts the wizard, touches the tempting energy ball, releases the Seven Deadly Sins and absorbs all the Sins into his right eye, which now glows blue. Now empowered by the Sins, Sivana overwhelms Shazam, who is old and weakened at this point, and leaves with his newfound power.

Later, at Sivana industries, Sivana barges into a corporate meeting hosted by his brother and father, who had lost the use of his legs in the accident from the night in 1974. A confrontation between the siblings results in Sivana throwing his brother out of the window and Sivana shows off his eye and releases the Seven Deadly Sins. Sivana and the Sins slaughter everyone in the room except for his father. Finally, as Sivana is about to leave, his father pleads that he'll give him anything, Sivana asks his father what sin he has committed the most – the response is greed. Thus, Sivana has Greed to eat and kill his father.

The wizard's final champion

Around the same time, Shazam, weakened from his confrontation with Sivana, brought foster child Billy Batson to the Rock of Eternity to be his final champion.

Billy Batson is selected to be Shazam's final champion.

"All hands on deck." ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
"All hands on deck." ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
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Magic users

Magical items and weapons

Magical locations

Types of magic

Divine magic

This magic is used mainly by the Old Gods. It is a powerful magic that gives the ability to control large aspects of reality and nature, such as:

Manipulation of the elements: The gods could control various aspects of nature, such as thunder.

Implantation of thoughts: The gods could implant thoughts into the minds of others, such as the knowledge to create new weapons, or visions of an alternate world.

Life creation: Divine magic is able to warp reality and create life, as the gods created humanity and the Amazons from sea and dust and Zeus created Themyscira.

Empowerment: The gods they could imbue parts of their powers into their followers or weapons. They gave the Amazons eternal life and enhanced stamina, and Hestia and Artemis imbued much of their power in their weapons, the lasso of Hestia and The arrows of Artemis.

Spell casting: The gods could cast powerful secret spells which they used to help the Amazons. Zeus used a concealment spell to hide Themyscira from man's eyes and Diana repeated the same spell to make her plane invisible.

Atlantean magic

The Atlanteans have great connections with magic, several of their technological artifacts and constructions even before sinking into the sea are a mix between magic and technology, however there are very few Atlanteans who are capable of mastering magic and calling themselves sorcerers are the Xebelians, being their princess, Mera, the most prominent in this magic:

Hydrokinesis: Atlantean magic gives the wearer the magical ability to control water and manipulate it at will, the user's eyes glow an intense electric blue and the palms of their hands emit a mist of the same color.

Hydrokinetic construction: The ability to build solid matter using water such as whips, knives, spears, or even miniature figurines such as dolphins.

Energy projection: They can project beams of hydrokinetic magical energy from their hands and knock back their targets.

Marine omnipotence: King Atlann's magical trident gave him the ability to control everything in the water, giving him an almost divine authority over the sea and ocean.


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