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2013 Daily Planet Superman Promo Newspaper Norton Walmart

METROPOLIS UNDER CONSTANT ATTACK! was an article published in the Daily Planet, written by Gina Fiorentino.

This Daily Planet newspaper was distributed by Norton.


With cyber attacks continuing to threaten the digital devices of the citizens of Metropolis, people all over the city are showing concern.

In the age of smartphones, tablets and computers, the citizens of Metropolis are more connected to each other than ever before. Though these devices are in nearly everyone's hands, two out of three consumers do not use a mobile security solution. Smartphone user Deborah Clark said "I didn't even know I needed smartphone security."

She's not alone. According to the Norton Cybercrime Report 2012, 44% of consumers are not aware that security solutions exist for mobile devices. While mobile vulnerabilities doubled from 2011 to 2012, you don't need to be Superman to protect your mobile devices. With solutions like Norton 360 Multi-Device and Norton Mobile Security, Norton makes it easy to protect all your devices.

Norton 360 Multi-Device has been gaining popularity with everyone in Metropolis. With this one robust product, citizens can protect all their digital devices — smartphones, tablets and computers — from viruses, spyware, lost and stolen data, eavesdropping, and other digital threats. But while this is protecting the citizens of Metropolis, it has cybercriminals running for the hills. One cybercriminal, who chose to remain anonymous, was quoted saying, "It's rare that people protect their digital devices, especially their smartphones and tablets. Those were always easy targets for me. Norton 360 Multi-Device and Norton Mobile Security have changed all that."

As we become a more connected, more digitally dependent society, it's comforting to know Norton is out there watching over our digital devices. It's even more comforting t see the citizens of Metropolis not only embracing these powerful products, but telling their friends and families about them, as well.

Maybe someday in the not-so-distant future, we can put an end to these digital dangers. Until then, stay vigilant, Metropolis.