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The Louvre Museum, or simply the Louvre, is the world's largest museum, and a grandiose historic monument, located in Paris, France, being the city's central landmark.


The palace that would had become the Louvre Museum was built during the 16th Century.[1]

World War II[]

In 1940, the Louvre Museum was ransacked by the Nazis during their invasion of France.[1]

21st century[]

After World War I, Wonder Woman gradually amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge on the subject of antiques, Greco-Roman ones in particular (due to being a demigoddess daughter of Zeus), and she would thus come to work at the Louvre as the Curator for the Department of Antiquities, while in her civilian "Diana Prince" disguise.[2]

After examining the photo of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor taken in 1918 post-World War I Belgium, American supergenius Lex Luthor uses facial recognition software to deduce that the great Amazon warrior is in fact still alive, under the alias of "Diana Prince," working at the Louvre Museum.[3]

After witnessing Superman's death, and attending his funeral with Batman,[3] Diana returns to her job at the Louvre, while considering Batman's offer to help him found the Justice League.[2]



The Louvre has numerous world famous exhibits, with them being divided among 8 curatorial departments: paintings; prints and drawings; sculpture; decorative arts; Egyptian antiquities; Near Eastern antiquities; and Islamic art; as well as Greek, Etruscan and Roman antiquities.[1]


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