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"Being 16 in the state of Louisiana means that under the right circumstances, she could be tried as an adult. And, if convicted, could be sent right here to old Belle Reve. And in here, well, you never know what might happen to a frail young thing like that. Shames me to say that we have the highest mortality rate in the entire U.S. prison system."
Amanda Waller regarding the status of Tyla DuBois.[src]

Louisiana is a state located in the Deep South region of the United States of America.


2008 U.S. Presidential Election[]

During the 2008 Presidential Election, Louisiana voted Republican.[1]

Formation of Task Force X[]

Not long after the death of Superman in MetropolisAmanda Waller of A.R.G.U.S. planned to assemble Task Force X, composed of various incarcerated criminals and Metahumans, to serve as her expendable soldiers with exceptional powers, abilities, and skills to defend the world against superhuman threats. They were brought to Belle Reve Penetentiary in Louisiana to train.[2]

Project Starfish[]

After the execution of the Herrera Family in Corto Maltese, Waller decided to re-recruit Task Force X again in Belle Reve to avoid possibility that the new regime would release information linking the United States to Project Starfish. The mission ended with Bloodsport dealing with Waller to keep the records secret in exchange for the squad's freedom.[3]

Hawkman's Base[]

The city of St. Roch served as the base of operation of the metahuman Hawkman.[4] He also owns a large estate that serves as the gathering place of the Justice Society.



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