Post-Credits Scenes are a recurring staple in the feature films of the DC Extended Universe, during which one or more clips are shown during and/or after the closing credits. The clips usually foreshadow future films, resolve a plot line from the film, or provide comic relief.

Film Image Description
Suicide Squad Batman Foreshadowing Justice League, Bruce Wayne has a meeting with Amanda Waller about the Metahumans.
Justice League

Flash and Superman race

Flash challenges Superman to a race to the Pacific.
Justice League (2017) Lex Luthor meets Deathstroke Lex Luthor escapes Arkham Asylum and invites Deathstroke to his private yacht and suggest they should create a league of their own.
Aquaman Black Manta - post credits scene Black Manta is rescued by Dr. Stephen Shin, and agrees to give him information on Atlantean technology in exchange for his help to kill Aquaman.

Shazam! - Sivana in jail (9)

Sivana is in a prison cell doodling the symbols all over the wall until he's interrupted by Mister Mind, who tells him of the pillars of evil that will come together and the seven realms of magic will be under their control.
Shazam tries to talk to fish Shazam is shown trying to talk to fish like Aquaman.
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