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Post-credits scenes are a recurring staple in the feature films of the DC Extended Universe, during which one or more clips are shown during and/or after the closing credits. The clips usually foreshadow future films, resolve a plot line from the film, or provide comic relief.


Film Image Description
Suicide Squad Batman Foreshadowing Justice League and Zack Snyder's Justice League, Bruce Wayne has a meeting with Amanda Waller about the metahumans.
Justice League Flash and Superman race Flash challenges Superman to a race to the Pacific.
Justice League (2017) Lex Luthor meets Deathstroke Lex Luthor escapes Arkham Asylum and invites Deathstroke to his private yacht, where he suggests they should create a league of their own.
Aquaman Black Manta - post credits scene Foreshadowing Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Black Manta is rescued by Dr. Stephen Shin, and agrees to give him information on Atlantean technology in exchange for his help in finding Aquaman.
Shazam! Shazam! - Sivana in jail (9) Sivana is in a prison cell doodling the symbols all over the wall until he's interrupted by Mister Mind, who tells him of the pillars of evil that will come together and the seven realms of magic will be under their control.
Shazam tries to talk to fish Billy is shown trying to talk to fish like Aquaman.
Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) Harley Quinn is about to reveal a secret about Batman, but the film ends mid-sentence.
Wonder Woman 1984 Asteria is thanked by a woman Asteria saves a family from being crushed by a pole, explaining that she had done it with a simple push, and had been doing that for a long time, receiving thanks from the family.
The Suicide Squad Weaseles Foreshadowing Creature Commandos, Weasel, revealed to still be alive, wakes up on the beach and wanders off to the jungles.
Peacemaker Post-Credits Scene Foreshadowing Peacemaker, John Economos and Emilia Harcourt visit Christopher Smith in a hospital. The nurse asks them why they need him, and Harcourt answer to save the world.
Black Adam Superman asks Black Adam to talk Amanda Waller sends a drone to warn Black Adam stay in Kahndaq, threatening to send each of her allies to confront him. After Adam challenged her and questioned her in regards to who can stop him destroying the drone, Superman arrives to talk to him.
Shazam! Fury of the Gods Billy Batson suggests more original names for the Justice Society Emilia Harcourt and John Economos travel to Philadelphia to offer Billy Batson membership in the Justice Society, but Batson is confused into thinking they were talking about the Justice League, suggesting better names for the Society.
Sivana and Mr. Mind In Rock Falls Penitentiary, Thaddeus Sivana encounters Mister Mind again and he is frustrated by their inability to start enacting their plan.
The Flash Barry Allen explains the timeline changes Leaving a bar, Barry Allen tries to explain to Aquaman the changes in the timeline, as well as tell him about his life in the past line, however, a drunken Curry pass out in a puddle of water, asking Allen to buy more drinks, a request which Allen agrees to.
Blue Beetle Ted Kord is alive Inside the Kord Estate, Ted Kord sends a message asking his daughter Jenny Kord for help to find him, claiming to be alive.
Blue Beetle con el Chapulín Colorado A reproduction of the intro of El Chapulín Colorado is shown where Rudy Reyes is heard stating that he is "sexy".
Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom TLK Post Credit Scene While eating a hamburger in a restaurant, Orm Marius notices a cockroach, which he places in his hamburger to eat it.



Season Episode Image Description
1 01. A Whole New Whirled Auggie Smith points to scabies helmet Auggie Smith shows Peacemaker a helmet that if worn would give him scabies in order to "challenge" himself. He insists every man should have scabies once in his life.
02. Best Friends, For Never Amber flips off Evan When Amber is looking at mugshots with Sophie Song, she refers to one of the men as a "hot guy." Evan hears in the next room and yells "fuck you" at her, to which Amber flips him off through the wall in return. She takes the hot guy's mugshot home with her after asking permission from Song.
03. Better Goff Dead Vigilante near the bush Emilia Harcourt threatens to kill Vigilante's family if he ruins the mission. He says good luck and tells Harcourt she's "a little late" for that. He then asks for beer, as Clemson Murn has a dead expression watching the scene play out from the van.
04. The Choad Less Traveled The Choad Less Traveled - Post-Credit Scene On the Quantum Unfolding Storage Area, Adrian Chase discusses with Peacemaker where he compares Auggie Smith with a duck in a human costume. Peacemaker then claims that it should to be one of Vigilante's stupidest ideas.
05. Monkey Dory Monkey Dory - Post-Credit Scene Peacemaker mentions multiple celebrities and fictional characters to John Economos as a suggestion to be arrested instead of his father August Smith, however John replies that he would never put Ariana Grande in prison for looking too innocent.
06. Murn After Reading Murn After Reading - Post-Credit Scene After having killed the Evergreen policemen, Caspar Locke tries very hard to fake a sad face, then asks one of the corpses if he was doing it right and starts laughing, Locke then refocuses and tries to fake a sad face again.
07. Stop Dragon My Heart Around Stop Dragon My Heart Around - Post-Credit Scene While Caspar Locke's butterfly gave the speech on television, he affirmed that purity was close to dignity, while continuing to talk about purity of blood, shortly after Locke's host began to move his hips. When the situation became awkward, Eek Stack Ik Ik interrupted him saying that they had to go.
08. It's Cow or Never It's Cow or Never - Post-Credit Scene Vigilante talks to Peacemaker saying that if he is going to be sarcastic he should warn people to avoid inconvenience, John Economos asks why Vigilante uses a sarcastic example with John's physical weight, making him angry. Vigilante goes on to sarcastically say that he didn't notice Economos frying and then tells him that he was worried that he would die, for which John thanked him for the compliment.

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