Liquid geo (meaning 'liquid geometry') is a standard, multi-purpose display technology used by Kryptonian culture, consisting of a collection of silver beads that are suspended through a magnetic field and can be dynamically arranged to create a three-dimensional surface that hovers in the air.


Liquid geo was developed long ago by Kryptonians as their technological advancements flourished during the Golden Age of Krypton's history.[1]

During the Kryptonian Expansion, scout ships were outfitted with caches of liquid for projections within the cockpit, likely for visualizations of planets and communications.[1]

Service androids' thoraxes contain liquid geo. Kelex was able to display the vital signs of Kal-El as an infant during his birth, and later with Kelor, facilitated communication between Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van.[1]

The command key Jor-El placed in Kal's pod was manifested by liquid geo.[1]

During Kal-El's launch from Krypton, a liquid geo display was used to show his destination, Earth, and the anatomy of humans for Jor-El to study.[1]

On Scout Ship 0344, Jor-El walked Clark through Krypton's history when teaching his son about his heritage. This was all displayed with liquid geo.[1]


Human biology rendered by liquid geo.

On the Black Zero prison frigate, liquid geo consoles were used to monitor activity on Earth, as well as display information regarding the world engine launched on the planet.[1]

The world engine deployed by the Black Zero possessed stores of liquid geo that it used as a defense mechanism when attacked by Superman.[1]


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