"The bittersweet pain among men is having knowledge with no power, because... because that is paradoxical!"
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Lex Luthor's campaign was a series of clashes and terrorist attacks led by the billionaire Lex Luthor, with the goal of discrediting and murdering the Kryptonian Kal-El.[1]


Lex Luthor viewed Superman as a threat to humanity and made a grandiose plan to defeat him and expose him as a false god.[1]

The Plot

Massacre in Nairomi

After discovering the secret identities of both Batman and Superman, Lex Luthor lured Lois Lane to Nairomi to interview Amajagh. He had Jimmy Olsen outed as a CIA agent in order for Amajagh to capture Lane and draw out Superman. He had Amajagh's men murdered and their bodies burned to appear as though Superman killed them with his heat vision. Luthor coerced Kahina Ziri to give a false testimony to Congress so they would summon Superman to testify.

Luthor gathered more information on metahumans and asked June Finch for an import license to acquire Kryptonite so he can weaponize it in exchange for access to the corpse of General Zod. When Finch turned him down, he got clearance from Senator Barrows. Luthor used the Kryptonite to make a scalpel and removed Zod's fingerprints, and Batman later stole the Kryptonite and weaponized it himself.

Luthor also hired inmates to kill prisoners branded by Batman to persuade Clark Kent to investigate further, and he also mailed photos and newspaper clippings to Kent. He intercepted the disability checks of Wallace Keefe and mailed them to Bruce Wayne to persuade him to raise his suspicion of Superman.

Luthor invited Wayne and Kent to a charity event, leading to them meeting for the first time and have their tensions build.[1]

Bombing of the United States Capitol

When Superman was summoned to the Capitol, he sent Keefe with a wheelchair containing an explosive, lined with lead so Superman could not detect the device. Following the bombing, Batman was pushed over the edge and Superman placed himself in exile.[1]

Duel at Gotham Port

Luthor used Zod's fingerprints to access Scout Ship 0344 and combined his own DNA with Zod's corpse to create Doomsday as a contingency plan if Batman did not kill Superman. He counted on either Superman killing Batman to prove to the world he was not omnibenevolent or Batman killing Superman to prove he was not omnipotent. He had Martha Kent kidnapped by Anatoli Knyazev as incentive for Batman to fight Superman.[1]

Showdown in Gotham Port

When Batman and Superman join forces with Wonder Woman, he unleashed Doomsday, resulting in a massive battle. In the end, Doomsday killed Superman after he sacrificed himself to kill the abomination.[1]


Lex Luthor was promptly incarcerated in Belle Reve. Batman and Wonder Woman began to find recruits to unite the Justice League and give hope to the world.[1][2]

The death of Superman inspired the formation of Task Force X.[3]


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