Lex Luthor's Mansion is a large mansion located in Metropolis.


Lex Luthor organized a fundraiser event at his mansion for the Metropolis Public Library, with the invited guests including business associate and CEO of Wayne Enterprises Bruce Wayne, Daily Bugle reporter Clark Kent and Diana Prince.

While at the party Bruce attempts to tap into the LexCorp Industries mainframe. By listening to Alfred's instructions, he sneaks away from the crowd and successfully plugging in his device into the LexCorp servers. Unbeknownst to Bruce, Alfred's voice was picked up by the super-hearing of Clark, who then introduces himself to Bruce and asks for an interview regarding his position on the infamous vigilante, Batman. Bruce in turn begins to criticize the Daily Planet and notes that it’s often quick to shower Superman with praise in what he calls “puff-piece editorials”, further stating that his impression may be biased due to the citizens of Gotham's history with "freaks dressed like clowns". Lex then walks up to Bruce and Clark, and enthusiastically introduces himself. When Bruce obtained the downloaded information, he breaks from the crowd, and tries to unplug his device, only to find it has already been unplugged by Diana. Bruce follows Diana but failed to catch her as she escapes when they leave the mansion.



  • The mansion is located at 1835 Park Ridge Lane, Park Ridge DM, 33862
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