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"This was supposed to be my crowning achievement. A perfect marriage of architecture and technology. The biggest, grandest, most highly advanced structure in Metropolis."
Lex Luthor[src]

LexCorp Tower is the international headquarters of LexCorp Industries, located in downtown New Troy, Metropolis. It is the tallest building in the city, and replaced the former half-finished LexCorp Tower that was destroyed during the Black Zero Event. The building was heavily damaged during the showdown with Doomsday.


Creation and reconstruction

Lex Luthor stands in front of the ruins of the unfinished LexCorp Tower

In the 1960's[1], LexCorp was founded by Alexander Luthor Sr., an immigrant from East Germany, and had its headquarters built in downtown Metropolis. In the year 2000, he passed away leaving the company in the hands of his son, Alexander "Lex" Luthor Jr., who had managed to turn the company into a massive corporate giant researching in the latest of technology.[2]

Black Zero Event

It is unclear whether Lex built the tower or if his father, Alexander Luthor Sr., constructed it when he first founded LexCorp. Following the showdown in Smallville, General Dru-Zod and his forces of the Sword of Rao had regrouped and deployed both the Black Zero and the World Engine with the starship landing in Metropolis. Zod had begun to terraform the Earth and turn it into a new Krypton, but Superman arrived and did battle with the alien. Their one on one battle soon led to them fighting atop the half-built LexCorp Tower. The construction site, which had been labeled accident-free for over 106 days was subsequently destroyed in the ensuing fight.[3]

Restored by Lex Luthor

A day after the Black Zero Event, Lex Luthor announced his plans to immediately proceed with the reconstruction of LexCorp Tower.[4] In connection to this, he also revealed his intentions to invest in more properties within Metropolis.[5]

In the immediate aftermath of the battle and Lex's announcement, the Daily Planet reported that LexCorp Tower's construction had projected it to become the tallest building in Metropolis upon completion.[6]

Sometime later, Lex stood amongst the ruins of the LexCorp Tower and conducted a groundbreaking ceremony for the building's reconstruction, where several reporters were present, asking him about his plans for the city and the reactions to his decisions.[7]

By 2015, the tower was completely rebuilt and served as Lex's main headquarters. Advertisements notified the public that the Skydeck viewing platform on the 50th floor would be open to the public by May of 2016.[4]

In his machinations to turn Superman against Batman, Lex kidnapped Lois and lured Superman to the LexCorp Tower, where he offered his ultimatum to kill Batman in exchange for Martha Kent.

The death of Superman

Doomsday at LexCorp Tower

Later, as the Showdown in Gotham Port commenced, Doomsday leapt from Heroes Park to the top of LexCorp Tower to wreak havoc on Metropolis. Military helicopters arrived to fire upon Doomsday, but he adapted his physiology and emitted a shockwave that heavily damaged the LexCorp Tower before Superman flew him off into space.[8]