LexCorp Tower is the headquarters of LexCorp Industries, located in Downtown Metropolis.



In 1974, LexCorp was founded by Alexander Luthor Sr., an immigrant from East Germany, and had its headquarters built in downtown Metropolis. In the year 2000, he passed away leaving the company in the hands of his son, Alexander "Lex" Luthor Jr., who had managed to turn the company into a massive corporate giant researching in the latest of technology.

Battle of Metropolis

Following the Showdown in SmallvilleGeneral Zod and his forces of the Sword of Rao had regrouped and deployed both the Black Zero and the World Engine with the Black Zero landing in Metropolis. Zod began to terraform the Earth and turn it into a new Krypton when Superman arrived and managed to defeat Zod's forces with the help of the United States Military. Eventually, Zod and Superman engaged each other in a one on one battle and they soon wounded up fighting nearby the LexCorp Tower causing massive damage to the building.


A day after the Battle of Metropolis, Lex Luthor stood amongst the ruins of the LexCorp Tower and held a press conference. He announced his decision for LexCorp to remain in Metropolis and to rebuild the LexCorp Tower to financially support the city. By 2015, it was completely rebuilt and served as Lex's main headquarters. In his machinations to turn Superman against Batman, Lex kidnapped Lois and lured Superman to the LexCorp Tower, where he offered his ultimatum to kill Batman in exchange for Martha Kent.

Later, as the Showdown in Gotham Port commenced, Doomsday leapt from Heroes Park to the top of LexCorp Tower to wreck havok on Metropolis. Military helicopters arrived to fire upon Doomsday, but he adapts his physiology and emits a shockwave that heavily damages the LexCorp Tower before Superman flies him off into space.


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