LexCorp Industries (or simply LexCorp), is a company that was founded by the ruthless financial genius Alexander Luthor Sr. and currently owned by his even greater genius son, Lex Luthor.


LexCorp Industries started in the petrochemical and machinery business upon being founded by East German immigrant Alexander Luthor Sr. in 1974. However, in 2000, Luthor Sr. would pass away unexpectedly, leaving LexCorp Industries to his son Lex Luthor. He would turn out to be a mastermind and a supergenius businessman, transforming LexCorp from an aging petrochemical and heavy machinery company into a cutting-edge Fortune 500 technology giant.[1]

During their final battle in Metropolis, Superman and General Zod destroyed the then-being built LexCorp building.[2] Following the aftermath of the Black Zero Event in Metropolis, LexCorp financially supported reconstruction efforts in the city in part to CEO Lex Luthor's philanthropic efforts. LexCorp became one of the few companies who stayed in Metropolis after a wave of companies abandoned the city, with local politicians and media personalities calling those who left traitors. Inspired by Lex Luthor's philanthropy, several companies in the city, such as Kord Industries, chose to stay, or to reverse their retreats, and some companies who had never been there before even decided to relocate to Metropolis.[3]

After Lois Lane of the Daily Planet revealed the illegal arms trafficking of Kryptonian weapons on behalf of CEO Mark Hanford, LexCorp acquired his company Hanford Technologies and all of its assets, with Lex Luthor citing that the employees should not suffer under the immoral actions of its former CEO.[4]

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