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"Well, we all want to believe that our parents are flawed but innately good, and maybe, usually, that's the case. But not here. Your dad is not a good man! Not to the world, and especially not to you."
―Leota Adebayo to Peacemaker[src]

Leota Adebayo (née Waller) is the daughter of Amanda Waller, the wife of Keeya, and a former worker at a dog shelter in Gotham City. After losing her job, her mother offered her a mission to stop an invasion from butterflies, which Adebayo accepted by joining an offshoot team led by Clemson Murn where she became the intelligent and motivated member of the team, forging a tumultuous friendship with the vigilante Peacemaker and helping him become a stronger, better person through her friendship, while her mother insisted she plant a fake diary that incriminated him, not long after she had to rescue him from Wild Estates Apartment Complex.

During the attack on Royland Goff Adebayo saved Harcourt from a man lamenting his death, with the arrest of Auggie Smith she conviced Vigilante to kill him failing in the attempt. Shortly after, the team were assigned to complete a massacre at the Glan Tai Bottling Company plant, ending with them forging a friendship and Peacemaker inviting Leota to his house, where she took the opportunity to plant the diary. Leota would later discover that Murn was a butterfly, feeling bad for betraying Smith, Leota tried to abandon the mission but was finally decided to return while suffering from Smith's hatred, during a battle the team was able to kill a cow ending the invasion, while Smith and Adebayo reconciled revealing her mother's crimes to the press.


Early life[]


"I got skills. I got my Binks-Fendelmire Strategic Combat Certification at the age of 14."
―Leota Adebayo to Emilia Harcourt[src]

Leota was born the daughter of Amanda Waller, the director of A.R.G.U.S.. At the age of 14, Leota managed to achieve a Binks-Fendelmire Strategic Combat Certification.[1] At some point on her adulthood she met and then married Keeya Adebayo, taking her wife's surname as her own. The two then lived in Gotham City for some time where they founded a dog shelter adopting three dogs while her mother always insisted that Leota should join A.R.G.U.S..

Losing her job[]

"Well, then why the fuck did you even come?"
"Because I lost my job, and my mother offered me this one!"
Emilia Harcourt and Leota Adebayo[src]

Eventually, the dog shelter lost funding, causing Leota and Keeya to lose their jobs. In need of a new job, Amanda Waller oferred her to join a ragtag assassination team Project Butterfly led by mercenary Clemson Murn, set to take down the Butterflies' invasion, which Leota accepted. Meanwhile, Waller secretly entrusted her daughter to plant a fake diary in the Peacemaker's house, Leota and Keeya shortly after traveling to Evergreen where they would stay during the mission.

Project Butterfly[]

Arrival at the apartment[]

"I don't think my parents would be too happy with a granddaughter named 'Octopussy'."
"Lois and Chuck would love that."
Keeya Adebayo and Leota Adebayo[src]
Adebayo arrives at the Overview Lofts Suites apartment

Adebayo arrives at the Overview Lofts Suites apartment.

Leota and Keeya arrived excitedly at the Overview Lofts Suites apartment with their dogs and their suitcases, Leota began to analyze the apartment and compared it to James Bond's house and his movie Octopussy, and then took off her jacket and sat in an armchair to talk to Keeya. Leota told her that if they had a girl she would like her to be called Octpussy or Sharknedo if it was a boy, making Keeya laugh who approached her feet and told her that she preferred it to be a boy because her parents would not like a granddaughter named Octopussy while Leota told her otherwise.

Keeya and Leota Adebayo kiss

Leota and Keeya share a kiss.

Keeya would be quiet for a moment while Leota asked her what was going on, to which Keeya mentioned that she was worried that the job was too dangerous but Leota told her to relax and that it was just to have a salary and as soon as they got savings they would go back home. Keeya was glad to hear that and proceeded to passionately kiss Leota, in that Leota received a message from Murn notifying her that Peacemaker had left the hospital, quickly Leota prepared to go to her work and said goodbye to Keeya.[2]

Recluiting Peacemaker[]

"This is our new recruit, Leota Adebayo, which means she'll be doing most everything else."
"Glad to be here, ready to kick some ass sir and... really looking forward to getting to know all of you."
Clemson Murn and Leota Adebayo[src]
Adebayo points a gun at Smith

Adebayo points a gun at Smith.

Leota Adebayo met the team using guns and they headed to Peacemaker's house, when Harcourt and Economos took aim to stop Smith Adebayo pointed him out the back window making a salute, Murn would then enter Christopher Smith's house and the rest of the team followed him inside as well. After Murn explained the mission to Peacemaker mentioning how if he didn't accept it he would return to Belle Reve, he proceeded to introduce the members of the squad.

Adebayo introduces herself to the team

Adebayo introduces herself to the team.

Adebayo took the opportunity to emotionally introduce herself to the team giving an emotional speech mentioning being prepared to work with Smith and Economos, as well as supporting Harcourt as the only women. Adebayo pointed out to Murn that she liked his outfits and promising that they would not regret having her as partner, shortly after seeing the serious team she decided to finish speaking with a very low voice. After Murn convinced Peacemaker, Leota mentioned that the team meeting would be at the Fennel Fields restaurant and left.

Adebayo unpacks her things

Adebayo unpacks her things.

Adebayo along with Emilia Harcourt and John Economos went to Henenlotter Video to set up their facilities for the mission, where she would start unpacking her things from a box, however Harcourt asked her to leave her place so Adebayo stood near a pipe unpacking a picture of her dogs, Harcourt then asked Adebayo what agency she transferred and mentioned how she and Economos betrayed Waller by helping Task Force X, while Adebayo looked confused.[2]

Dinner at Fennel Fields[]

"Yeah, I call bullshit on that."
"You don't wanna believe in miracles, that's on you."
―Leota Adebayo and Peacemaker[src]
Team Peacemaker in Fennel Fields

Adebayo and the team have dinner at Fennel Fields restaurant while discussing with Smith.

At night, the team sat waiting in Fennel Fields while they ate, when Peacemaker arrived they looked at him strangely while Adebayo looked confused at an eagle on Smith's car. Peacemaker soon entered and asked Adebayo to make room, as Leota moved, she continued to see Peacemaker's behavior strangely while her companions made fun of him, Smith then asked the waitress Blake for his order, calling her sweetcheeks, which caused Leota to ask him if he was serious comparing the word with sexist expressions. Shortly after the team watched as busboy Adrian Chase looked at Peacemaker with admiration, Smith continued doing awkward behaviors that disgusted the team, after a while they finished eating and proceeded to leave.

Adebayo tries to pet Eagly

Adebayo tries to pet Eagly.

When Peacemaker left he went to his car to pet Eagly, while Adebayo arrived to ask him if the eagle was friendly saying she loved animals and proceeded to try to pet Eagly, when she approached Eagly showed a hostile posture biting her finger and causing Adebayo to be scared and upset, telling Smith that she thought the eagle was friendly so he claimed that Eagly hugged him, Leota didn't believe him so Peacemaker mentioned that it's up to everyone to believe in miracles or not.

Adebayo has a talk with Peacemaker

Adebayo has a talk with Peacemaker.

Adebayo and Smith continued to talk forging a friendship while Smith asked if she was married to which she replied in the affirmative, when Leota asked what he heard from Murn, Peacemaker replied that he was a mercenary he didn't trust, finally Leota said goodbye to Smith as Smith mistakenly confused her name with Arbysmola causing her to laugh and correct him. Leota began to get into the car with a smile and wished Smith good night, calling him sweetcheeks, then Adebayo returned to her apartment.[2]

Call to her mother[]

"Empathy in this business, Leota, that would make you kill."
"Yea, well, it doesn't really matters, that's it? I appreciate it but after this job is done, Keeya and I will be back to our feet, and I'll find a job that I actually like."
Amanda Waller and Leota Adebayo[src]
Leota Adebayo - A Whole New Whirled Promo Still

Adebayo talks with her mother in a call.

Before going to sleep, Leota made a video call to her mother to talk about the mission, where Adebayo commented on her colleagues Clemson Murn, John Economos and Emilia Harcourt, when she asked if they could tell them the whole plan Waller said no stating that she was the only one she could trust and asked if she had the diary, Adebayo showed it to her so gave her instructions on how to leave it in the trailer. Waller then asked her what she thought of as Peacemaker, so Adebayo mentioned that he was quite a character, however she also felt some sadness in him. Waller warned her that in this job empathy would cost her life, Leota then told her that when the mission is over she would return to her normal life since she was not made for that. Waller remarked that Leota was "wasting her talents" by not joining her at A.R.G.U.S. full time, she then had to leave and said goodbye to her. Once the call ended, Adebayo felt bad while Keeya asked if Waller was trying to convince her again to which Leota replied affirmatively.[2]

Escape from Wild Estates Apartment Complex[]

"Cool your jets, Jason Bourne. Just be ready to take off when we get back to the car."
"Being a wheelman is also dope! I got you!"
Emilia Harcourt and Leota Adebayo[src]
Adebayo checks the window of her apartment

Adebayo checks the window of her apartment.

Leota was sleeping on her apartment when she was woken up by Emilia Harcourt who knocked hard on her window, Adebayo woke up and checked the window while Harcourt asked her to drive to rescue Peacemaker from Wild Estates Apartment Complex after he killed a butterfly, to which Adebayo quickly gave the sign of agreement and prepared for the mission. Once prepared, Adebayo drove a car with Harcourt to travel to Smith's location.

Harcourt and Adebayo head to Wild Estates Apartment Complex

Adebayo and Adebayo head to Wild Estates Apartment Complex.

While driving, Adebayo watched as Harcourt prepared a weapon, Emilia told her that what she had in her room was not safe, Leota remarked that she had dogs and that she cared about them. Immediately afterwards, Adebayo crossed a car on the road with speed causing them to almost collide, once they advanced to the cars they hurried up increasing the speed. Once they arrived the location, Adebayo slowed down to park, so Harcourt asked her why, to which she replied that she was trying not to be detected.

Adebayo talks to Harcourt about Smith

Adebayo talks to Harcourt about Smith.

They watched as there were police in the distance causing Harcourt to complain about Smith having sex with a butterfly, to which Adebayo stressed that having been in prison for 4 years Smith could get together with anything, including food that made her remember having hungry. Leota stated that her dog Emerson loved to wear suits to which Harcourt mentioned that he was only humiliated for her affection, Harcourt then wondered where Smith was, causing Leota to be confused with Emerson so Harcourt specifically referred to Peacemaker.

Adebayo and Harcourt watch Smith trying to get down

Adebayo and Harcourt watch Smith trying to get down.

In a moment Harcourt called Smith and he was detected by the police as he leaned out the window, causing Harcourt to get frustrated and ask him to jump off the balcony, while Adebayo looked at her suspiciously. Harcourt asked her to drive to the back of the apartment and driving she got excited for the mission, Leota soon parked slowly near the balconies where she pointed Harcourt where Peacemaker was jumping, Adebayo then saw Smith come down from the balconies in a very painful way.

Adebayo asks Harcourt to help her

Adebayo asks Harcourt to help her.

Finally the police approached Peacemaker's location, so Adebayo asked what they should do, Harcourt then prepared her gun and got out of the car, Leota said that she could help as she is good at gunfighting, Harcourt then asked her to wait to drive the escape, so Adebayo told her he could trust her. After a while, Harcourt saved Peacemaker and Adebayo started while the policemen shot at the vehicle, scared Leota asked to start but Harcourt refused since Smith still hadn't arrived.

Adebayo screams with excitement after completing her first mission

Adebayo screams with excitement after completing her first mission.

Peacemaker then arrived and stopped for a few seconds to wait for Eagly to enter the car, once Eagly entered, Peacemaker got on and quickly asked to start. Leota drove at high speed to escape and when they left the Wild Estates Apartment Complex, Adebayo was glad that the mission was a success, letting out a scream of emotion while her companions smiled, Leota then drove to Henenlotter Video as the night dawned.[1]

Discussion with the team[]

"Firstly, I'm wondering whether you saw the guy in your apartment that you think you saw, or did you maybe see another guy that you actually didn't see but you think you did? And secondly, I'm wondering if you've ever had an all-expenses-paid trip to the beautiful Lake Tahoe, Nevada?"
"Are you trying to fucking bribe us?"
"Oh. I was hoping you were trying to bribe us."
"Yeah, yeah, I'm trying to bribe you."
―Leota Adebayo and Evan Calcaterra[src]
Adebayo returns with adrenaline to Henenlotter Video

Adebayo returns with adrenaline to Henenlotter Video.

The team soon arrived at the store where Murn and Economos were, Leota with adrenaline explained how they had been shot while asking Economos if he had ever been shot. After a while Economos set about sewing up Smith while the others watched and discussed how Annie Sturphausen discovered that Peacemaker knew about the Project Butterfly, Harcourt suggested that Waller was perhaps using them as a decoy group for others to take care of stopping the butterflies, accusing Adebayo of infiltrating.

Harcourt suspects Leota Adebayo and argues with her

Adebayo is confronted by Harcourt.

Adebayo was offended and confronted her to explain how she obtained combat skills, however Harcourt continued to distrust her as she continued to interrogate her, so Peacemaker remarked that she wasn't since Eagly liked her, Leota then reminded him how he tried to bite her, at which point Smith and Economos continued to argue as the team watched. Harcourt kept wondering how Stuphausen found out about Smith, to which Adebayo suggested an explanation, finally Peacemaker remembered how she let Sturphausen read Goff's dossier.

Adebayo beckons to Murn

Adebayo beckons to Murn.

Murn annoyed scolded Smith and after a call, he asked Adebayo to take care of Evan and Amber Calcaterra, Leota asked if he meant to kill them so Murn told her to just convince them not to blame Peacemaker for the events, Adebayo then started to make signs causing Murn not to understand, so Adebayo said she didn't want to say it out loud, frustrated Murn asked her to say it directly and Adebayo suggested a bribe, to which Murn authorized it and asked him to go in that precise moment, Leota then left and went to the apartment of the Calcaterra.

Adebayo bribes the Calcaterra

Adebayo bribes the Calcaterra.

When Adebayo arrived at the apartment, she began to memorize what she should say and soon she saw the Calcaterra leave, Adebayo called them and asked them to ask some questions, she asked if they were sure if the man they saw was the man the police were looking for, as well as if they ever wanted an all paid trip. Evan asked if she was trying to bribe them to which Adebayo pretended not to, Evan then expressed regret then Leota replied that if she wanted to bribe them, then Adebayo paid them not to reveal information that would incriminate Peacemaker.[1]

Talking with Keeya[]

"Well, I'm so sorry, sir. She just moved to a different hotel because Harcourt said that it would be dangerous if we stayed in the same suite."
―Leota Adebayo to Clemson Murn[src]
Leota tries to talk to Keeya

Leota tries to talk to Keeya.

Shortly after, Harcourt told Leota that the following missions would be more dangerous. While they ate, Leota hesitated and decided to tell Keeya that she would start having more hours at work while she suggested what they could do, Keeya left the table annoyed while Leota tried to convince her that it wasn't so terrible.[1] To avoid danger, they decided to stay in different hotels, where, missing Leota, Keeya would send her a photo of her vagina through WhatsApp.[3]

Attack on Royland Goff[]

Peacemaker and his team - Better Goff Dead Promo Still

Adebayo and the team prepare for the mission.

"I'm sorry. I... I've never kill anyone."
"Well, your streak's still going. Make sure he's clean. Murn will want a sample if he's not."
―Leota Adebayo and Emilia Harcourt[src]

Early the next day, the team prepared for their new mission, Adebayo was carrying suitcases from the store to the truck while Smith told her about the homunculi, at one point Peacemaker asked her if she knew Doll Man, causing her not to know who he was, so her teammates would explain to her. When she entered the store again, she and Smith carried other suitcases while they continued talking about homunculi, where Smith talked about the spaceship in the Sturphausen's apartment.

Peacemaker and his team 2 - Better Goff Dead Promo Still

Adebayo observes Vigilante.

Smith tried to explain how their relationship was, to which Adebayo stopped him, stating that she didn't care, Smith thought that could be a clue to which Adebayo said no, Murn asked where the spaceship was while Adebayo observed a person who was watching them behind a garbage can, so she wondered who it was. Smith explained that it was Vigilante so that Harcourt would argue with him, while Adebayo watched, shortly after Vigilante pointed to Leota arguing that she must be friends with Smith since there were rumors that Peacemaker was a racist. When Vigilante left, Murn advised the team to refocus on the mission and they prepared to travel.

Adebayo talks with Smith about climate change

Adebayo talks with Smith about climate change.

On the ride, Murn explained the mission to Smith about how they should assassinate Senator Royland Goff while Leota showed images of him on her tablet, Smith complained about having to kill him just for fooling people with climate change, so Adebayo mentioned that climate change is not a hoax. Murn then asked Adebayo to go to the next image, however when she changed the image the tablet showed an image of Keeya's vagina, Smith began to laugh while Adebayo was embarrassed and tried to remove the photo arguing how her wife sent her.

Adebayo apologizes to Murn

Adebayo apologizes to Murn.

This caused Peacemaker to scoff even more and Adebayo apologized to Murn saying that she had to get away from Keeya because Harcourt told her it would be dangerous, Harcourt was offended that she blamed her for which Adebayo apologized saying that she didn't know that WhatsApp would put the photo automatically while Economos explained that this is how the app worked, Smith continued to make fun of it so Adebayo asked him to stop, finally Murn asked Leota to continue.

Adebayo tells Smith she suspected he was a butt baby all along

Adebayo tells Smith she suspected he was a butt baby all along.

Leota presented the image of the Goff family while Murn continued explaining saying that maybe they should kill Goff's children, Smith was annoyed that they had to kill them while arguing that the son looked like a butt baby, Adebayo was confused by what Smith mentioned that his brother told him about butt babies and since he thought he was one, Murn asked to refocus and told about Judomaster, at the end Adebayo said she had suspected that Smith was a butt baby from the beginning.

Adebayo throws a marker at Smith

Adebayo throws a marker at Smith.

Upon reaching their destination near the Goff residence, Adebayo and Smith unpacked their weapons while talking about being an ally, where she told Smith that having a hair didn't make him an ally. When Peacemaker began to complain that his weapons didn't have the peace symbol drawn, Adebayo grabbed a marker and threw it to Smith to draw it. When night came, the team finished preparing all the systems, Adebayo, along with Murn and Economos, went to work monitoring the security cameras on computers inside the truck.

Adebayo explains to Economos the correct spelling of the Berenstain Bears

Adebayo explains to Economos the correct spelling of the Berenstain Bears.

When the Goffs arrived in their car, Adebayo informed Smith and Harcourt through a radio, immediately afterwards Economos detailed the Goffs' position, calling them 'Berestein Bears'. Adebayo tried to correct Economos by explaining that the book was actually spelled 'Berenstain', Economos refused to believe her so she explained that it came from the authors, Murn scolded them for being distracted and after a silence he said 'Berestein', Adebayo tried correct him but Murn shut her up.

Adebayo sends Economos an image of the Berenstain Bears

Adebayo sends Economos an image of the Berenstain Bears.

After a while, the Goffs entered their house while the team spied on them, Harcourt then suspected that the whole family were butterflies, arguing that when they moved away from the bodyguard their behavior changed, so Adebayo mentioned that perhaps they were pretending to be a happy family in public. Later, the team watched as Vigilante arrived while Adebayo sent Economos an image showing the correct writing of the Berenstain Bears, Economos wanted to think it was photoshopped but Adebayo explained that it wasn't.

Adebayo grabs a gun and prepares to help the team

Adebayo grabs a gun and prepares to help the team.

In that Harcourt saw how the Goffs were going to dinner and told the team so Adebayo got back in position, after discovering that the whole family were butterflies, Vigilante was in charge of killing them, when he had Royland Goff as the last victim, the team in the firing zone was attacked by Judomaster, Murn worried that they wouldn't respond, went to the rescue handing Adebayo a pistol to help him, Adebayo then opened the entrance of the truck and headed the mission.

Adebayo in the field - Peacemaker

Adebayo stops Goff's bodyguard.

Harcourt was stopped by Royland Goff's bodyguard who shined a flashlight on her, Adebayo then arrived and pointed the gun at him while asking him to put his hands up, the frightened bodyguard answered the questions that Adebayo asked, at one point she asks if was one of them while he said he didn't know what she was talking about, annoyed Harcourt asked Adebayo to kill him causing the bodyguard to beg for his life, Adebayo began to hesitate to shoot despite Harcourt's screams, finally she saw how Harcourt he took a weapon from the ground and ended the life of the bodyguard. Scared by what happened, Adebayo told Harcourt that she never killed anyone, so Harcourt asked her to make sure he wasn't a butterfly, Adebayo then checked the victim's body and verified that he was a normal person.[3]

Kidnapping of Peacemaker and Vigilante[]

"What is it?"
"Experimental A.R.G.U.S. device, an Adhesive Explosive."
―Leota Adebayo and Clemson Murn[src]
Adebayo observes the bodies of the Goffs

Adebayo observes the bodies of the Goffs.

After checking, Adebayo met with Murn and Harcourt who were cautiously heading towards the Goff residence, as soon as they saw her, she told Harcourt that the bodyguard was not a butterfly, Leota then followed the team and accompanied them, they entered the residence cautiously carrying weapons in their hands, as they advanced Leota saw photos of the Goff family in portraits found the dining room in which the dead bodies of the Goffs were.

Adebayo reviews a portrait looking for the passageway

Adebayo reviews a portrait looking for the passageway.

Adebayo continued with the team to search the facilities, finally when Harcourt discovered that a radar marked that Peacemaker and Vigilante were under a basement, they began looking for an entrance. Leota began to check the wood of the edges of a portrait finding a break, surprised she continued to see the wood finding a button that she pressed opening a passageway, Leota quickly pointed and observed how there was a cocoon, the team then tried to open it.

Adebayo licks the adhesive explosive

Adebayo licks the Adhesive Explosive.

While trying to open the cocoon, Murn gave Adebayo an Adhesive Explosive hoping to break it, when Adebayo asked what it was Murn explained how it was made by A.R.G.U.S., after grabbing it Leota then licked the adhesive causing Harcourt to ask why she did it, Adebayo tried to explain that she thought the adhesive was like an envelope, however Harcourt quickly took it out of her hand and glued it to the cocoon.

Harcourt and Adebayo proceed to search for Peacemaker and Vigilante

Adebayo and Harcourt proceed to search for Peacemaker and Vigilante.

Shortly after, the team prepared to explode the adhesive by standing behind couches to avoid exposing themselves, when Murn tried to detonate the explosive it didn't work until he got close causing him to fall to the ground for a moment, Harcourt and Adebayo then headed alone by cautiously walking through the destroyed cocoon aiming their weapons, finding that Peacemaker and Vigilante were safe and killed Royland Goff.[3]

Peacemaker and Vigilante aim their guns - Peacemaker

Adebayo and Harcourt stop Peacemaker and Vigilante from shooting Judomaster.

On the return trip, the team was tired after the mission, when Vigilante began to complain about having lost his little finger, he claimed that it was the most important finger, Leota told him that it wasn't true, saying that he can walk well without it, Peacemaker began to make fun of what Adebayo saw him wrong and told Vigilante that losing a little finger was fine compared to losing a metatarsal. As the passed out Judomaster moved, Smith and Chase pointed their guns at him, to which Adebayo and Harcourt stopped them.[4]

Doubting her actions[]

"Your lack of a resume made me hesitant to bring you onto this team. But Amanda Waller insisted you were ready. Prove her right."
Clemson Murn to Leota Adebayo[src]
Adebayo checks the mission boxes

Adebayo checks the mission boxes.

Returning to Henenlotter Video, Adebayo began going through Goff's neighbors' boxes under orders from Murn to see if there were any clues to the whereabouts of any other butterflies, Murn then told Harcourt to help Adebayo with the search, Adebayo then watched as Murn called Smith to have a conversation. As Peacemaker and Vigilante left the store, Leota saw Harcourt feeling bad about not shooting the bodyguard so she decided to tell her about it.

Adebayo talks with Harcourt about the death of Royland Goff's bodyguard

Adebayo talks with Harcourt about the death of Royland Goff's bodyguard.

Adebayo remarked that she had never killed anyone before claiming to be a pescetarian, causing Harcourt to see her as a hypocrite for not being able to kill Goff's bodyguard being too cowardly to put him out of his misery, but he could eat a fish. Leota tried to argue that she did eat fish but Harcourt told her that she didn't care, reminding her that if she wanted to do this job, she would always have to make tough decisions when necessary, without hesitation.

Adebayo laments in the bathroom

Adebayo laments in the bathroom.

Leota decided to go to the bathroom, there Adebayo looked herself in the mirror and began to think about what happened, feeling bad for not distinguishing right from wrong to the point of almost crying, to pretend to have gone to do needs Adebayo pressed the toilet chain and left, when Adebayo left he saw Economos attending to Judomaster so she decided to approach him, to which Economos told her that this is how clandestine black ops work and not to worry about having a cold personality.

Adebayo heads off to complete Murn's orders

Adebayo heads off to complete Murn's orders.

Leota then remembered how she should to show Murn and Harcourt that she had what she needed for the mission, so Economos mentioned how he ran over Judomaster, confused Adebayo proceeded to leave. Murn later asked Leota to dissuade Peacemaker after he discovered that his father was in prison, claiming that she was who Smith most trust, Adebayo then took her bag and proceeded to go. Before she left, Murn told her how Waller insisted on putting her on the team, asking her to prove she was made for the job.[4]

Friendship with Peacemaker[]

Manipulating Vigilante[]
"I can tell. But his father? I'd say he's one of the worst people to ever set foot on this planet. Now, Chris... he has a big heart, so he wants to find something to love there, but there's... there is nothing to love inside of that man. And it... kill me... 'cause... I don't think Chris is ever gonna be happy as long as his father's around. And I just wish there was some way he would just... go away."
―Leota Adebayo to Vigilante[src]
Adebayo tries to convince Chris Smith

Adebayo tries to convince Chris Smith.

Adebayo arrived at the Evergreen Police Department in her car and quickly parked and approached Peacemaker to talk to him, Smith refused to talk however Adebayo pleaded with him that the mission was at risk, Peacemaker asked who was responsible until he deduced that it was John Economos, so she explained how he changed his fingerprints to his father's. Smith got even more annoyed and continued to advance while Adebayo explained how they knew everything Auggie did to him claiming to have read his files.

Adebayo tells Smith that his father is not a good man

Adebayo tells Smith that his father is not a good man.

Smith then asked what the files said causing Adebayo to shut up for a few moments. Smith accepted that his father had issues but Adebayo offended by reminding him how he was an evil supremacist known as the White Dragon, believing that ethnic of color were second class, Smith agreed with her but insisted that people change. Adebayo mentioned how Auggie was definitely not a good man, and that he didn't treat him well either, Chris decided to visit him anyway while Leota tried to call him to remedy the situation without success.

Leota Adebayo - The Choad Less Traveled Promo Still

Adebayo listens to Vigilante speak.

Adebayo watched Smith enter the police station while heard the voice of Vigilante, seeing him without his suit Leota spoke to him asking if he was the Vigilante, Chase tried to pretend he wasn't, causing Leota to tell him that he sounded just like him, worried Chase changed the tone of his voice, however, Adebayo continued to identify him. When Adebayo asked him why he was limping, he replied that it was a snowboarding accident, pretending in an exaggerated way that he did not know who Vigilante is, Adebayo looked at him with an annoyed face and told him that he wasn't fooling anyone.

Adrian Chase talks to Leota Adebayo

Adebayo talks to Adrian Chase.

As they waited in a seat, Chase wondered if they would arrest Peacemaker to which Adebayo hoped they wouldn't, stating how Chris's father didn't allow him to progress, and despite everything Chris was a good person like Adrian, Chase then asked him if she was serious in saying that he was a good person so Adebayo mentioned affirmatively, Leota mentioned Smith's father again considering him one of the worst people on the planet and how Chris had a big heart in contrast to him, wishing that there was some way for Auggie to stop disturbing Chris.

Adebayo simulates not to know who Vigilante is

Adebayo simulates not to know who Vigilante is.

Adebayo's words indirectly convinced Chase to kill Auggie so he proceeded to withdraw, confusing Adebayo who then frustrated. When Peacemaker returned he asked about Vigilante, Adebayo ironically pretended not to know that he was the Vigilante causing Smith to talk seriously to her, Adebayo then said she didn't know and that he only mentioned that he had something to do, Leota then asked Smith about his father to what he talked about how he threatened to expose the truth.

Adebayo invites Smith to take him home

Adebayo invites Smith to take him home.

Seeing sadness in him Leota decided invite him to take him to his home, when Smith asked about his father Adebayo said that Murn would solve it, Peacemaker then worried because he had to keep an eye on Vigilante after Murn requested him, for what Adebayo asked him to relax since Vigilante was going to be fine, then Leota accompanied Smith to his car to leave the police station. While driving, Leota saw Smith sad for his father so she told him that he was going to be fine.

Adebayo comforts Smith

Adebayo comforts Smith.

Smith claimed how his father hated him as well as everyone feeling like a bad clown, to comfort him Adebayo mentioned that she didn't hated him and considered him a good clown, causing a smile in Smith. At one point Leota received a call from John Economos, when Economos mentioned how they had a serious issue because Judomaster escaped, who shortly after attacked him ending the call. Leota worried about John and told Smith the problem, quickly accelerating the pedal and heading towards Henenlotter Video.[4]

Judomaster Escape[]
"I've never kill anyone before."
―Leota Adebayo to Peacemaker[src]
Adebayo after shooting Judomaster

Adebayo after shooting Judomaster.

Leota and Smith quickly arrived at the store where they found Economos with respiratory problems, worried Leota approached him and gave him an air inhaler to recover, this made Economos recover air and digest where Judomaster went so Smith went for him while Adebayo continued to attend to John's health. As Judomaster and Smith battled, Judomaster tried to talk about the butterflies, however he was shot by Leota from a distance believing she had killed him having goosebumps for it.

Adebayo and Smith see the body of Judomaster

Adebayo and Smith see the body of Judomaster.

Peacemaker began to complain claiming to be about to win the fight as she approached to see the body, Leota felt weird mentioning never having killed someone before, seeing that Judomaster was still breathing Leota asked to take him back inside to treat him, to to which Peacemaker agreed, when he asked what she thought the Judomaster might have been about to say about the butterflies, Adebayo made a sign of not knowing.

Harcourt talks again with Adebayo

Adebayo talks again with Harcourt.

Seeing how Economos treated Judomaster, Adebayo sat down to think about her actions to which Harcourt soon came to speak with her, Harcourt told her about the first time she killed, and that it was good that would she regret the murder. Adebayo replied saying that nothing made her feel good, not even having manipulated Vigilante into killing Peacemaker's father in prison, to the surprise of Harcourt who informed Murn.

Peacemaker - the team investigate Adrian Chase

Adebayo and the team investigate Adrian Chase.

Murn soon gathered Adebayo, Harcourt and Economos to scold them for having manipulated Vigilante, where Adebayo argued that she just put the idea in his head, Murn annoyed asked if she thought Smith would be better off without his father to which she said that she was only trying to make difficult decisions causing Murn to scold her, so she apologized to him. When Murn asked Economos to get him out of prison, he requested some physical info so Adebayo began to describe him, shortly after Economos would find his data discovering that his name was Adrian Chase.

Adebayo investigates the Glan Tai Bottling Company cards

Adebayo investigates the Glan Tai Bottling Company cards.

At night, Adebayo continued working with the boxes in the store, seeing how Keeya called her she decided to omit answering feeling bad. While analyzing some cards from the Glan Tai Bottling Company, she recognized the logo and took out Annie Sturphausen's ID plate from her wallet, comparing she realized that they had the same logo. Adebayo called Murn to let him know that she found info about a company related to butterflies, Murn told her that he would see her soon.[4]

Glan Tai Bottling Plant massacre[]
Leota & Keeya - Monkey Dory Promo Still

Leota talks to Keeya about the job.

"Which is why this task force doesn't officially exist. Waller is funding us by secretly diverting funds from other operations, which... leaves us on our own."
―Leota Adebayo to Peacemaker[src]

The next morning, Adebayo got ready to go to work, until Keeya knocked on her apartment door, when she opened it Keeya showed her annoyance since Leota ignored her calls, so Leota in a hurry said that she was working and had to go again at that point, when Keeya asked if she was in danger Leota said no, Keeya reminded her to be grateful for taking the job but feeling like she was choosing it over their relationship, Leota told her that it wasn't true but she really should go to work, so she quickly kissed her goodbye and left.

Peacemaker Entertainment first look

Adebayo and the team watch how Economos and Peacemaker discuss during the meeting to explain the mission.

Arriving at the Henenlotter Video, Adebayo parked the car and checked her phone, seeing a message where her mother asked her if she had already implanted the Peacemaker's diary, Leota proceeded to write that she still hadn't. Upon entering, Adebayo along with the team listened to Murn explain how A.R.G.U.S. became aware of the arrival of butterflies on earth, taking over the bodies of multiple celebrities and politicians, as well as how the butterflies entered their bodies. At one point, Peacemaker said that Superman had a fecal fetish causing Adebayo to call him a liar, Leota promptly asked why a chimpanzee was shown on the splash screen so Economos explained, after a while Adebayo watched how Smith and Economos were discussing.

Leota - Monkey Dory Promo Still

Adebayo asks Smith to stop calling Economos "Dye-Beard".

As they prepared to travel to the mission, Adebayo came over to ask Smith to stop treating John Economos badly, remarking how it's not fun to call him Dye-Beard all the time remembering him that John didn't feel comfortable with that nickname. In that Vigilante arrived and explained how Peacemaker called him Thimble as well as other nicknames to his brother and friends, causing Leota to look in a bad way that they gave each other such offensive nicknames, when Smith mentioned that they used to call him a bully, Leota got frustrated not getting to the point of the conversation so she withdrew.

Adebayo reminds Smith to treat Economos with respect

Adebayo reminds Smith to treat Economos with respect.

The team soon headed to the mission, during the trip Adebayo heard Peacemaker make sounds with his mouth, upon questioning he replied that it was Jazz causing Adebayo to laugh, when Vigilante asked if they should have a search warrant and Harcourt replied, Leota explained how the team did not officially exist and Waller financed them. Peacemaker then insulted Economos, prompting Adebayo to remind him that he should treat him with respect.

Adebayo asks Smith to behave

Adebayo asks Smith to behave.

Upon arrival, the team got off while Adebayo listened to Peacemaker swear by saying it lightly, to which Smith mentioned that lesbians don't do it and they ended up talking briefly about sex. When the whole team went down, Adebayo played rock, paper or scissors with Harcourt to determine which partner would get them, Leota would end up winning having Peacemaker as a partner smiling at Harcourt, immediately afterwards they both left and as they walked Adebayo asked Smith to behave.

Adebayo and Smith infiltrate the plant

Adebayo and Smith infiltrate the plant.

Leota entered the plant and went to talk to the receptionist, however she was surprised when Smith shot the receptionist along with all employees, Adebayo screamed in fright and asked Peacemaker what was happening so he said he was using an X-ray helmet to detect the butterflies on their heads. Leota claimed that Smith didn't give her signs and he should behave, so he stated that he wasn't doing anything wrong, Adebayo annoyed then entered a door while they continued and notified Economos that the plant was infested with butterflies.

Adebayo receives guidance from Smith on shooting

Adebayo receives guidance from Smith on shooting.

Adebayo followed Smith as he spotted and shot butterflies, twice shooting at the bodies once Peacemaker already killed them, so Smith told him not to shoot them once they were dead. Adebayo and Smith then continued and as they entered a door they found a butterfly man on the ground, who warned them that Charlie the Gorilla was coming for them, Smith then shot him and Leota was about to shoot him once he was dead, but Smith stopped her and they continued their way.

Chapter 05 - Monkey Dory

Adebayo asks Smith about the missile.

Harcourt warned that they were being attacked by a gorilla, so Adebayo and Smith quickly went to rescue them, entering a section of factories where several butterflies gathered at the metal door where Harcourt and Chase were, Smith Asked Adebayo to hold his shotgun while he took out a missile from his backpack, Leota asked why they didn't just use a grenade, to which Smith said that grenades only killed two people, when Leota asked how many people the missile was supposed to kill, Smith replied that he didn't know for having created it during the morning.

Glan Tai Bottling Company explosion - Peacemaker episode 5

Adebayo and Smith during the explosion at the plant.

Smith then immediately to throw the missile at the butterflies while Adebayo worried. Leota tried to flee scared when she saw Smith leave and the missile quickly exploded generating large amounts of fire that almost reached Adebayo and Smith, who were pushed by the explosion while they screamed in fear. Through the rubble they got up while Adebayo complained to Smith for not telling him that they should run, Leota then rushed to Smith and entered the room where Harcourt and Chase were.

Adebayo drives happily on the return trip

Adebayo drives happily on the return trip.

Inside the room, Adebayo observed how there was a gorilla, she quickly tried to warn Smith who had not yet entered, however the gorilla quickly attacked her, Smith tried to stop the gorilla so finally Economos arrived to save the team by killing the gorilla, having completed the mission the team undertook the return trip. Adebayo drove back while celebrating with her friends listening to music from Hanoi Rocks, as well as listening how her friends having fun.

Adebayo mentions to Murn that they defeated a gorilla

Adebayo mentions to Murn that they defeated a gorilla.

In the night, the team finally arrived at Henenlotter Video and when they got off Adebayo happily commented to Murn how they defeated a gorilla. After a conversation with him where they talked about how they discovered that butterflies could take the body of any species, Murn would give them some time off while Adebayo celebrated, leaving the store Leota continued celebrating and prepared to take Smith back home.[5]

Advices for Peacemaker[]
"Well, we've all had each other's back today, right?"
"Yeah. It's like a real team out there."
"Yeah. The 11th Street Kids... we roll like that."
―Leota Adebayo and Peacemaker[src]
Adebayo is invited by Smith to celebrate

Adebayo is invited by Smith to celebrate.

Upon arrival and parking, Peacemaker showed Leota his cell phone laughing that Vigilante sent a message with the siren emoji, Leota thought it was a useless emoji and Smith agreed with her. When Peacemaker opened the car door, Adebayo told him that the next day they should check the plant's computers to get useful information, Smith looked at Leota and invited her to drink, which Adebayo refused however Smith told her that it was to celebrate, after laughing Leota accepted.

Adebayo toasts with Smith

Adebayo toasts with Smith.

After entering Christopher Smith's trailer, Adebayo saw a photo of Chris with his brother so that later Smith gave him a drink that he invented explaining what it contained, Adebayo and Smith then toasted and drank, however Adebayo did not like it and tried to throw it up in the bathroom but running into Eagly and throwing it up on her hand, Adebayo soon got annoyed saying it tasted like feces, so she suggested having a beer.

Peacemaker & Leota - Monkey Dory Promo Still

Adebayo advises Smith on pleasing people.

Leota and Chris then sat on the couch having a beer while Smith told her how she could have a relationship with Harcourt since she called him beautiful. Leota asked in what context she said he was handsome to which Smith quoted that "Just because he was handsome didn't mean he wasn't a horrible killer", Leota hurt that and proposed that she might change her mind, recommending him to be good with her and never talk about tits and vaginas, Smith listened to her and agreed with her. As she continued to speak, Leota told him that if he stopped being a jerk and just focused on being Chris Smith, she believed that people would like him, Smith thanked her very much for being there to advise him and was glad to be a great team in the missions.

Adebayo feels bad about betraying Smith

Adebayo feels bad about betraying Smith.

Smith would then go to the bathroom, so Adebayo took advantage and took Peacemaker's diary out of her backpack and got up to place it inside a bedside table while Smith spoke to her from the bathroom, forgiving himself that sounds were heard, to which Leota said not to worry. Immediately Adebayo regretted and moved the diary, hiding it under another table as she hurried to hear Smith flush the chain, she asked him not to forget to wash his hands, while waiting for Smith to return Leota felt bad for betraying his trust.

Leota tries to call Keeya

Leota tries to call Keeya.

Shortly after Adebayo said goodbye to Smith and prepared to return home. While driving back, Leota tried to call Keeya to apologize to her for what happened during the morning stating that work was driving her crazy and that she loved her, however Keeya did not respond as she was sleeping so Leota got frustrated and returned to her apartment. After realizing that she couldn't sleep, Leota decided to return to Henenlotter Video to relax after betraying Peacemaker.[5]

Discovering the truth[]

"The one in Goff. What was her real name?"
"You're interrogating me?"
"I guess."
"You can't pronounce it with a human tongue. I suppose it'd be something like Eek Stack Ik Ik."
―Leota Adebayo and Clemson Murn[src]
Leota get scared after discovering Murn's secret

Adebayo gets scared after discovering Murn was a butterfly.

Adebayo arrived in the middle of the night while Murn was working, Leota sat down and saw Peacemaker's X-Ray vision helmet, deciding to put it on to play. After activating the helmet, she began to be surprised at the range it had, so she went towards Murn hoping that he would try it, however she discovered that Murn had a butterfly on his head. Adebayo screamed in fright and began to run throwing the helmet while Murn chase her.

Adebayo asks Harcourt to bring her gun to her

Adebayo asks Harcourt to bring her gun to her.

Leaving the store, Adebayo tried to defend herself against him but Murn threw her gun and pushed her to the ground, while Leota feared for her life.[5] Murn asked her to stop stating that he was not going to hurt her, in that Adebayo watched as Harcourt arrived in a car so she desperately asked her to bring the gun to her to defend herself, however she watched as Harcourt already knew the situation confusing her even more, Harcourt handed Adebayo the gun and told her they needed to talk about what happened.

Adebayo talks with Murn

Adebayo talks with Murn.

The three went back into the store, Adebayo then listened as Harcourt discovered Murn's secret during an operation before Murn proceeded to explain to Adebayo how he was a butterfly who betrayed his species to save humanity. Adebayo was confused and started asking Murn questions about the queen of butterflies, Eek Stack Ik Ik, Leota couldn't believe it and was upset to learn that the butterfly she was talking to killed the real Murn.

Adebayo asks about the cow

Adebayo asks about the cow.

He therefore explained as Clemson Murn was one of the worst people he encountered and decided to kill him to stop the butterflies. When Adebayo asked if Economos knew the secret, Harcourt mentioned that he did, but Waller didn't, annoyed Leota asked why Waller didn't know. As Harcourt reminded her that they couldn't trust her, proving that they should stop the cow before butterlies move it, Leota confused asked which cow, so Murn explained.

Harcourt talks to Adebayo about Murn while working

Adebayo talks with Harcourt about Murn while working.

At dawn, Leota and Emilia began to work again at the store, Adebayo was watching Murn from afar while Harcourt was asking if everything was alright, Adebayo asked how she could trust him, Harcourt told her that she only trusted logic and Murn had helped them too much to betray them. When Economos returned, Harcourt told him that Adebayo already knew Murn's secret to which he turned a deaf ear while Leota was surprised at him, soon Adebayo showed Harcourt and Economos on the computer how the butterflies made deliveries of the amber liquid in the security cameras, at that moment Leota received a message from Keeya telling her that she was worried about her.[6]

Search of the butterflies[]

"We have reason to believe that the butterflies have a cow."
―Leota Adebayo[src]
Adebayo learns that Peacemaker's diary was found

Adebayo learns that Peacemaker's diary was found.

As she continued to work, Leota overheard Murn asking if anyone knew that Peacemaker had a diary causing Adebayo to feel bad as Murn watched her explain that his man inside had it. In that Smith and Chase would arrive while Chase explained that the butterfly in Goff had killed an oriental policeman, causing Peacemaker to try to correct him with the term Asian, while Harcourt and Adebayo mentioned to Smith that the term Asian was offensive, finally Murn silenced them.

11th Strret Kids - Murn After Reading Promo Still

Adebayo and the team investigate the butterflies' security cameras.

Economos then found information about the amber fluid so the team approached him. Economos then explained how he deciphered the route of the butterfly delivery truck, and that all the fluids came from the Coverdale Ranch, later Adebayo mentioned that they had reason to believe that the butterflies had a cow to which Peacemaker confused and Adebayo explained that if they killed the only cow on Earth, the butterflies would die. Peacemaker manifested himself complaining that the team had not informed him of anything while they ignored him, causing him more anger. Finally Murn gave the order to the team to do what they had to do to stop the cow, while Smith watched Leota silently pretending to hide something, she then left.[6]

Comforted by Keeya[]

"I can't say, but I... I betrayed this big goof who trusts me, and I feel so bad. And it's kill me. And I think it's been stopped, but I can't believe what I did. And I know stuff that my mom doesn't know. And if I tell her, then I betray them, and if I don't tell her, then I betray her. And I'm just not made for this shit."
"So just... leave. You don't owe those people. And you don't owe your mother either. If that's not where you belong, then it's not where you belong."
―Leota Adebayo and Keeya Adebayo[src]
Leota & Keeya - Murn After Reading Promo Still

Leota is comforted by Keeya.

Returning to her apartment, Leota met Keeya and lay down tired on the sofa while Keeya caressed her, Leota apologized to Keeya as she told her that it was no problem. When Leota mentioned that her mother forced her to do something to her, she explained feeling very bad for betraying Chris Smith, reflecting on what she did as she knew things that Waller didn't, but regardless of the decision she makes, she would be betraying someone, getting frustrated at feeling unable to do the job. Keeya advised her to leave the job since she didn't owe anyone, when Leota asked how they would get money, Keeya said that they would find another way out, convincing Leota return to Gotham City, Leota then fell asleep on the sofa as Keeya hugged her in comfort.[6]

Abandoning the mission[]

"I don't wanna be here no more, so I'm leaving."
―Leota Adebayo to Emilia Harcourt[src]
Adebayo sees the diary on television

Adebayo sees the diary on television.

In the morning, Adebayo began to pack her things as she worriedly watched on the KWUE TV channel, where they reported that the Evergreen Police Department had found Peacemaker's diary and planned to go against Christopher Smith, at which moment there was a knock on the door by which Adebayo went to open. Harcourt stormed in, yelling at Leota for finding out that she had been sent by Amanda Waller to plant a diary in the Peacemaker's house.

Adebayo discuss with Harcourt 2

Adebayo discuss with Harcourt.

Adebayo began to excuse to Harcourt for betraying Christopher Smith, where Harcourt told her that he was her friend. Annoyed Adebayo reminded Harcourt that she screwed her from the first day as well as mentioning her medical conditions, to which Harcourt aid never mentioned said states, Adebayo then tried to hypocrite Harcourt for not having a problem killing Royland Goff's bodyguard, but to betray a friend if she had the wrong look.

Adebayo discuss with Harcourt

Adebayo yells at Harcourt as she lost her job.

Adebayo couldn't accept that the lives fighting by her side were worth more when Harcourt mentioned it to her, Leota explained that it was a way of insulating herself from the world's problems, saying that she wasn't cut out for the mission and didn't want to keep messing things up and that's why she was leaving. Harcourt then asked why she came in the first place, to which Adebayo yelled at her that she lost her previous job and that her mother, Amanda Waller, offered it to her, to the surprise of Harcourt who learned that she was Waller's daughter.

Adebayo gets frustrated

Adebayo gets frustrated.

In that Murn arrived and when Harcourt told him that Adebayo was Waller's daughter, but he remarked already knowing it when reading the files. Murn then asked Harcourt and Adebayo to put aside their differences so they could pack up and leave the Overview Lofts Suites to avoid the butterflies from the cops and proceeded to leave. Harcourt before leaving annoyed reminded Leota how she trusted her, causing Adebayo to get frustrated.

Harcourt and Adebayo hide from the police when trying to leave the apartments

Adebayo and Harcourt hide from the police when trying to leave the apartments.

When she finished packing her things, Adebayo approached Harcourt who was in a hallway hiding from the Evergreen Police Department officers who arrived at Murn's apartment and started knocking on the door, Harcourt pointed a gun at Adebayo as soon as she heard the steps, so Adebayo raised her arms in fright, but soon Harcourt quickly lowered her weapon and asked Adebayo to crouch down and keep quiet as not to be discovered by them.

Adebayo sees Murn's lifeless body

Adebayo sees Murn's lifeless body.

Leota turned on her radio transmitter, to which Murn communicated with them telling that this was his end asking them to leave, feeling proud of the team he begged them to kill the cow while trying to stop the police. After a while, the policemen left, so Harcourt and Adebayo proceeded to return to the apartment, where they would find Murn's body sp Adebayo touched Murn's arm to find out he had died, Leota then saw how Harcourt raised the butterfly with her hands, seeing how he stretched his leg in his last moments of life.[7]

Fight against Judomaster[]

"Kiai! Ding-dong, bitches!"
"Oh, you gotta be fucking kidding me right now."
Judomaster and Leota Adebayo[src]
Adebayo electrocutes Judomaster

Adebayo electrocutes Judomaster.

At that moment, Harcourt and Adebayo heard Judomaster arrive making his scream while Adebayo couldn't believe how things kept getting worse, Judomaster quickly kicked Adebayo leaving her on the ground while Harcourt fought against him. After a while, Judomaster put Harcourt on the ground as he punched her and getting distracted, making it easy for Adebayo to shock Judomaster in the neck until he fell unconscious on the ground.

Harcourt has a talk with Adebayo

Adebayo has a talk with Harcourt.

A while later, Adebayo called her wife about some forms she had to fill out before she left Evergreen, soon after she approached Harcourt to help her with the bandages, when Harcourt asked her about her previous job, she replied having a dog shelter that closed and Waller insisted her to join the mission. Adebayo also mentioned she didn't know whether to tell Murn, saying again that she wasn't made for the job, Harcourt told Leota that in fact if she was made for this job. At that moment, Economos send a message requesting them to go to Paws A Moment Veterinary Clinic.[7]

Accepting her place in the team[]

"Uh, babe, I just saw an eagle hug a human. Maybe... maybe it's a sign."
―Leota Adebayo to Keeya Adebayo[src]
11th Street Kids at veterinary - Stop Dragon My Heart Around Promo Still

Adebayo and Harcourt arrive confused to the Paws A Moment Veterinary Clinic.

Adebayo and Harcourt quickly traveled confused to the veterinary on their car and parked it, upon entering the room where John Economos was he explained how the nurses offered to help Peacemaker to save Eagly while Vigilante threatened them with a gun for stating that he and Peacemaker were discovered as the most wanted criminals. Adebayo asked Vigilante why he didn't say nurses in the plural, to which he explained that it would be offensive if he didn't know that there was also a female nurse in the group, to which Adebayo told him that since she was standing right there, she didn't have to imagine anything. Harcourt finally convinced Chase not to kill the nurses and just tie them up. At that moment, Leota received a call from Keeya so she retreated to the hallway to answer.

Leota - Stop Dragon My Heart Around Promo Still

Leota calls Keeya to tell her about seeing an eagle hug a human.

As she walked on the hallway, Adebayo saw Peacemaker sad and praying for his pet Eagly to survive the injuries, regretting for having left him at his father's house, shortly after Eagly got up and hugged Smith while Leota was surprised and remembered what Smith had told her about the miracles, reflecting on that. Leota surprised soon called Keeya telling her that she had seen an eagle hug a human, feeling that it was a sign that she should return to the mission, Keeya understood Leota's decision to return and both said goodbye ending the call, Leota then returned convinced with the team.

Adebayo entrusts Harcourt as the new leader

Adebayo entrusts Harcourt as the new leader.

Upon returning, Adebayo spoke convinced that they should kill the cow, when Harcourt asked about her wife, she commented that she understood. When John Economos asked how they would complete the mission without Murn, Adebayo showed that there was another person who could guide them, Econnomos thought she was referring to him but she told him that of course not, then Leota saw Harcourt and the rest of her companions did the same showing their support.


Adebayo and the 11th Street Kids are on their way to travel to the Coverdale Ranch to kill the cow.

The team listened to Harcourt explain all the information she knew about the cow and how the butterflies planned to teleport her from the Coverdale Ranch and that they should go there to kill her, finally all the members were convinced to join the final mission, when the nurses wanted to join, the team told them they couldn't go as they were going to die. The 11th Street Kids then tied the nurses to chairs to prevent them from escaping and proceeded to hijack one of their trucks. Adebayo and the team grabbed their gear and headed to the truck to travel to the Coverdale Ranch to complete the mission.

Peacemaker S1E8 beginning

Adebayo tries to apologize to Smith.

On the trip, Adebayo tried to apologize to Smith, however he showed no intention of forgiving her and once the mission was over he never wanted to see her again, causing her to get sad.[7] Leota later continued trying to apologize to Chris, however he made gas sounds to shut her up, at one point she got fed up and yelled that she was just trying to apologize, Smith then yelled at her annoyed mentioning that what she did wasn't forgivable, Leota complained that she received moral judgments from people who kill, so Smith said that he made an vow that each person he killed was for peace, Leota found it absurd asking him not to make that vow define him.[8]

Infiltration at Coverdale Ranch[]

"Fine. My mom says you're in charge and Economos and I should stay back in case anything goes wrong."
―Leota Adebayo to Emilia Harcourt[src]
Leota calls her mum - Its Cow or Never Promo Still

Adebayo calls her mother.

After a few hours, the team arrived and positioned themselves near the Coverdale Ranch around a forest where Harcourt made them go down, noticing that there were more butterflies than they thought Adebayo called her mother for reinforcements suggesting the Justice League. When Waller asked if they had time for reinforcements to arrive, Leota looked at Harcourt and she replied no as that day was their only chance to stop them, finally Waller said that Harcourt was in charge in the meantime so Leota let her know, holding out the phone for Harcourt to confirm that she had heard to Waller, soon Leota and Waller cut the call.

Adebayo asks about the skills of the helmets

Adebayo asks about the skills of the Peacemaker's helmets.

The team moved forward and headed into the forest with their weapons, where Economos asked Leota if she was Waller's daughter because her last name was Adebayo to which she explained that it was her wife's last name, confusing Vigilante, so Leota explained what it meant to be a lesbian as she placed the Peacemaker's helmets on a tree branch on display. Leota soon asked Smith what one of the helmets was for, so he explained that it was for the underwater world.

Adebayo is intimidated by Smith

Adebayo is intimidated by Smith.

Peacemaker then explained each of the helmets as Adebayo listened and was curious, finally Adebayo suggested placing the Sonic Boom helmet inside the ranch and activating it via radio from a distance and then activating the Anti-Gravity helmet, accidentally causing the helmet activated and began to float and the team lost the helmet, Peacemaker got upset with Adebayo for saying Activate Anti-Gravity and she got intimidated and tried to justify herself not knowing that the helmet was so sensitive to sound.

The 11th Street Kids watch Eagly carry Peacemaker's helmet to the Coverdale Ranch

Adebayo and the 11th Street Kids watch Eagly carry Peacemaker's helmet to the Coverdale Ranch.

Harcourt asked to go ahead with the idea of taking the Sonic Boom helmet to which Peacemaker suggested an idea that was compared to Green Arrow with nonsense things, so Adebayo was annoyed that Smith had his own story for each superhero, finally the team agreed to have Eagly send the helmet, while Smith explained to the eagle Adebayo placed the radio communicator in the helmet. After Smith gave Eagly instructions, he began to fly causing the whole team to get excited seeing him

Adebayo looks for the helmet in the woods

Adebayo looks for the helmet in the forest.

They quickly became frustrated when Eagly left the helmet in the middle of the woods. Harcourt then asked the team to start looking for the helmet, while searching Harcourt asked Leota why she decided to go back to what she explained seeing a miracle in an eagle hugging a human, Harcourt soon found the helmet so the team gathered and prepared to carry out the operation at night while they organized everything necessary.

Adebayo tries to convince Economos to infiltrate the Coverdale Ranch

Adebayo tries to convince Economos to infiltrate the Coverdale Ranch.

When night came, the team asked Economos to infiltrate to leave the helmet in the barn as he was the only one that the butterflies didn't know about, trying to convince him Leota told him to just act like them and not show any expression, finally John accepted and went to leave the helmet while the team observed from a distance and Harcourt was guiding him, Economos soon deposited the helmet however he was questioned by the butterflies who began to chase him after discovering the helmet.

Adebayo activates the Sonic Boom helmet

Adebayo activates the Sonic Boom helmet.

Adebayo worried tried to activate the radio communicator but it fell from her hands causing Peacemaker to get angry, Adebayo then picked up the radio from the ground and activated the helmet causing an explosion, the butterflies then left John and desperately returned to the barn, so Adebayo took advantage and continued to activate the helmet to destroy the cellar in which the cow was while her teammates prepared to attack the butterflies from behind. After John returned, Leota offered to help however Harcourt asked her to stay in case something happened.[8]

Battle at Coverdale Ranch[]

"No, no, Adebayo. You can't. You'll get hurt! You can't do this! Hey, what makes you think you can do this?"
"Because I'm made for this shit."
John Economos and Leota Adebayo[src]
Adebayo tells Economos that she is made for the job

Adebayo tells Economos that she is made for the job.

Adebayo watched with binoculars from a distance, at one point she watched as Harcourt fell to the ground and let Economos know, worried about her friend, she gathered courage grabbing two pistols from her backpack while Economos asked her not to do it because it was very dangerous, however Adebayo confidently let her know that she was made for the job as her mother always wanted, then Leota ran to the ranch to save Harcourt.

Harcourt is saved by Adebayo from being killed by a butterfly

Adebayo saves Harcourt from being killed by a butterfly.

While running, Leota killed all the butterflies that tried to get close to her with great aim, at one point shooting enemies from the vicinity which she easily defeated, Leota hurried to see that a butterfly without a host was about to enter Harcourt, quickly pulling out the butterfly with her hand and then shooting it saving her. Leota found Harcourt in a bad state and asked her to take her out of the battlefield, however Harcourt insisted that she should help Chris, asking how, Economos approached and handed her the Human Torpedo helmet.

Leota Helmet - Its Cow or Never Promo Still

Adebayo goes to help Smith.

Adebayo put on Peacemaker's helmet and cautiously went down to the basement, tracking Smith with her cell phone. Going down the stairs, Leota found a broken plank through which a path could be accessed, so she decided to enter, approaching Peacemaker's location. Upon finding the exact point, Adebayo began to remove wooden boards upon discovering that Peacemaker was there, once he managed to enter Adebayo he saw Smith fighting with Sophie Song's butterfly, so she activated the Human Torpedo helmet trying to kill Song. Peacemaker tried to warn her not however she activated it early causing her to fly hitting her head against a wall and hurt herself.

Adebayo is disgusted when organs from the cow fall on her

Adebayo is disgusted when organs from the cow fall on her.

Adebayo, trying to get up, heard Song's butterfly talk to Smith to join their cause and ally with them, trying to convince him to take an oath to save humanity. However, he rejected and activated the Human Torpedo helmet, causing Adebayo to fly until it embedded itself in the body of the cow, ending the life of the creature along with the elimination of the butterflies. Adebayo fell to the ground while many of the cow's organs fell on her causing her to get disgusted.

The 11th Street Kids withdraw from the Coverdale Ranch after the battle

The 11th Street Kids leave the ranch after killing the cow.

Smith then helped her up by removing her helmet and grabbing her shoulders to get out of the basement as they were weakened. After Smith held Harcourt on his shoulders and the entire team gathered they proceeded to leave where Adebayo helped Economos to walk after his ankle was injured during the battle, as they left tired the team watched as the Justice League came and Peacemaker criticized them for not arriving on time.[8]

Making things better[]

Amendment with Peacemaker[]

"Ads... Don't tell V, but... after Eagly... you're my BFF."
Peacemaker to Leota Adebayo[src]
Adebayo amends her situation with Smith

Adebayo amends her situation with Smith.

After the battle, the team went exhausted to the Mount Rouge Health Center for Harcourt and Economos to receive treatment, at the reception Adebayo and Smith watched as Chase passed out and the nurses helped him. Later in the waiting room, Adebayo confirmed hearing what Song's butterfly said after Smith asked, wondering why he didn't join them by having a similar vow, which Smith replied that he didn't want her or the rest will be damaged.

Adebayo is moved by Smith's words

Adebayo is moved by Smith's words.

Adebayo apologized for betraying Smith and he accepted her apology. Trying to make up for what she did, Adebayo got up from her chair to leave, when Peacemaker asked her where she was going, she replied that she was going to do the right things. Before she left, Smith spoke to her, saying that after Eagly, she was her best friend. She was moved by Smith's words and put her fist on her chest as a sign of pride and proceeded to leave the hospital.[8]

Exposing her mother[]

"Yes, that does mean Christopher Smith never wrote any diary. Both the Peacemaker and the costumed crime fighter Vigilante were working in a deep-cover operation for the U.S. Government called Project Butterfly. This is all part of a black-ops program known as Task Force X, where convicted criminals are undertaking dangerous missions for the United States in exchange for time off their sentences. It's been running for years out of Belle Reve prison, under the command of a woman named Amanda Waller, who happens to be my mother."
―Leota Adebayo[src]
Leota unmasks the truth - Its Cow or Never Promo Still

Adebayo exposes the truth to the press by revealing her mother's secrets along with the revelation of Task Force X.

Adebayo held a press conference outside Henenlotter Video calling for multiple newscasts in Charlton County, when the reporters arrived they received records that included information about the operation. At that Adebayo appeared and after checking that the microphone worked, she answered questions from the press revealing that Peacemaker's diary was false and that both Christopher Smith and Vigilante's recent crimes were only done due to them participating in Task Force X, a program organized by the United States government, in which criminals are forced to participate in black operations in exchange for reduced prison sentences. Finally Adebayo revealed that the entire program was orchestrated by her mother, Amanda Waller, requesting an exhaustive investigation into A.R.G.U.S. for their human rights violations.

Leota and Keeya kiss passionately after returning to see each other

Leota and Keeya have a passionate kiss.

After the conference with the press in the Henenlotter Video ended, Leota Adebayo excitedly returned to Keeya's apartment in Overview Lofts Suites after she decided to return to Evergreen, Keeya greeted her very happily and her dogs ran towards Leota happy to see her again. Leota and Keeya then kissed passionately for having returned to their normal lives.[8]


"I just wanna do whatever job I need to where telling right from wrong ain't advanced calculus."
―Leota Adebayo to Emilia Harcourt[src]

Leota is described as "smart, driven, full-figured and capable, but with her fair share of insecurities." Leota has a strong moral sense and strong respect for human life which makes her feel out of place with the rest of Taskforce X, likewise the rest of the team frequently calls her out on not being qualified for a job that involves breaking laws and killing people on a regular basis. Leota frequently attempts to prove that she can handle the job often with very mixed results. Leota is the only one besides Vigilante who feels any kind of compassion towards Peacemaker and sees past his jerk attitude to realize he's a very troubled man. Leota relates to Peacemaker over both of them having grown up with abusive parents who pressure them into being terrible people and follow their steps, even if she can't share it with him because she has to keep secret that she's Amanda Waller's daughter.

Leota's nature puts her at odds with her mother. When Leota used psychological manipulation to influence Vigilante into attempting to kill Auggie Smith she felt horrified by her actions as she realized the used the same kind of manipulative underhanded tactics that Waller does. During the course of the mission, Leota was tested by doubting if her actions were correct or if she should follow her mother's orders, when Waller ordered her to implant the forged Peacemaker's diary, she quickly regretted her actions for having betrayed her friend. That being the same night where Leota had made major steps in forming a friendship and trust in Smith and getting him to open himself up more to others, while at the same time planting incriminating evidence against the new friend she had just made.

Once the diary was found and Peacemaker quickly deduced that Leota was the one who betrayed him, the stress proved too much for Leota to handle any longer, she chickened out and attempted to abandon the mission feeling unable to tell right from wrong. Murn's sacrifice and witnessing Peacemaker openly pray for Eagly's survival reignited Adebayo's resolve to continue the mission, no longer to fulfill her mother's job but to protect her friends, but Peacemaker had no intention of forgiving her still. Once the team was on the verge of death, Adebayo finally showed her bravery and heroic capacity by saving Harcourt and killing butterflies without problems. After the mission was completed, Smith accepted Leota's apology. With that, Leota gathered the courage to stand up against her own mother without fear of exposing all the amoral and corrupt activites Waller did while running Task Force X while also clearing Smith's name.


"Listen, I can help. I'm stellar with weapons and combat."
―Leota Adebayo to Emilia Harcourt[src]
  • Expert Marksman: Adebayo is proficient with a pistol. She earned her Binks-Fendelmire Strategic Combat Certification at the age of 14. Waller always let her daughter know that she had a special talent in marksmanship combat, being the main reason why she always insisted that she should join her in A.R.G.U.S.. When she joined to the mission in Project Butterfly, she shot Judomaster in his center mass, heavily injuring him with a single round. In the final battle at the Coverdale Ranch, she even mercilessly shoots the butterflies showing her great marksmanship skills and saving Harcourt from being killed by shooting a butterfly.
  • Expert Tactician: Adebayo is a good tactician, for example she easily placed the Peacemaker trailer diary without him realizing it, and also devised a plan to kill the White Dragon, manipulating the Vigilante to do so.



Leota using a Gun - Its Cow or Never Promo Still

Adebayo using a SIG-Sauer P228 pistol during the battle at Coverdale Ranch.

  • SIG-Sauer P228: When Peacemaker and Vigilante are kidnapped by Judomaster, Murn gives Leota a SIG-Sauer P228 pistol to help him, Adebayo used the weapon to threaten Goff's bodyguard when he tried to detain Harcourt, since then Leota used the pistol as a self-defense. When Peacemaker was fighting Judomaster, Leota shoots him in favor of helping Smith, later when the butterflies go to the apartment to kill Murn, Leota carries the gun in her hand as prevention in case they are seen. During the battle at Coverdale Ranch and after her companions fell to the ground, Adebayo used two P228 pistols with which she shot multiple butterflies with great skill, saving Harcourt from dying by shooting a butterfly with the weapon.
  • Electroshock weapon: During her fight against Judomaster in the Overview Lofts Suites, Leota Adebayo carried a electroshock weapon which she obtained to incapacitate him in a moment of distraction while fighting Emilia Harcourt, the weapon allowed Judomaster to pass out, easily winning the confrontation.

Former equipment[]

  • Peacemaker's helmets: Leota briefly used two of Peacemaker's helmets. The first version featured X-ray vision, being used by Adebayo initially just for fun but with which she would discover that Murn had a butterfly in his skull. The second helmet turned the wearer into a human torpedo, after Economos handed it to her to help Peacemaker kill the cow, Leota attempted to kill Sophie Song's butterfly by activating the helmet but failing, Peacemaker later activated the helmet carried by Leota which flew to kill the cow by destroying its testicles.






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  • Adebayo is a pescetarian.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In the comics, Amanda Waller had two daughters, Damita Waller, who was raped and murdered by the Candyman, causing Waller to become the head of Task Force X. The second daughter, Coretta Waller, graduated from high school and changed her name to Sereeta.
  • Leota Adebayo was possibly named by James Gunn after his own mother, Leota "Lee" Gunn (née Hynek).


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