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"We remember those who fell during the Last War. Beware Bertron's curse, for he is named Doomsday."
―Translated Kryptonian message[src]

The Last War was a period of warfare that occurred on Krypton long before its destruction, earning its name as the last large-scale conflict before a prolonged era of peace that lasted until the Battle of Krypton.[1]


"Advising. Action forbidden. It has been decreed by the Council of Krypton that none will ever again give life to a deformity so hateful to sight and memory. The desecration without name."
Service Android[src]

Centuries before its destruction, a brutal war erupted across the planet of Krypton, during which a scientist named Bertron performed a series of genetic experiments which resulted in the creation and release of a deformity with unfathomable power and capacity for destruction.[1]

In the aftermath of the war, the creature was destroyed by the Kryptonians and the process of its creation was decreed forbidden by the Council of Krypton.[2]


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