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"The Lasso of Hestia compels you to reveal the truth."
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The Lasso of Hestia is a weapon that is currently the signature weapon of Wonder Woman. Previously owned by the Greek goddess Hestia, it is an indestructible rope used in battle for both offensive and defensive purposes.

In addition to its abilities in battle, the lasso also compels whoever is in physical contact with it to tell only the truth when questioned. Those who try and resist experience a hot burning pain radiate from the lasso.[1]

The lasso itself is approximately twenty feet long, giving it sufficient range whilst not compromising the users ability to wield it sufficiently.[1] However, its length can be magically extended to allow for extra range.


Slight Over Simplification
"That seems like a slight over-simplification."
Barry Allen[src]

It is suggested that this article, or a section of this article, could benefit by being expanded upon.

Early history

The lasso was presumably created sometime during the Age of Gods, and gifted to the Amazons prior to the war that ended most of them. It is currently unknown how Hestia herself used the lasso.

For millennia, the Amazons housed the lasso with their other great treasures in the armory on the island of Themyscira.[2]

World War I

After crashing in the waters of Themyscira, Amazonian leaders used the lasso and its truth-revealing powers to question American spy Steve Trevor.

Diana first took the lasso as her own when she raided the armory in preparation to head into man's world, along with the God killer and her signature shield and armor. Once there, she began to use the lasso regularly, first using it as a weapon during the Battle of Veld and during her final battle with Ares.

During the Airfield Battle, Ares demonstrated that it is possible to resist the lasso's effect, as he did when he ignored Diana's questions and instead used his powers to show her a different "reality", which he considered as the truth.[2]

Fighting Doomsday

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War for Earth

Fighting Steppenwolf

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Appearance and uses

Wonder Woman using the Lasso of Truth to stop Steppenwolf

Wonder Woman using the lasso during a fight with Steppenwolf

When not in use, the lasso appears to be a regular rope made of gold; however when in use as a weapon or truth-detector, it glows bright yellow.[2]

When in use as a weapon, the lasso responds telepathically to its user, and acts as an extension of their body.[3] It can be used either defensively or offensively, often in a whip-like manner. For example, it can be used to bind enemies, as seen against the monster Doomsday; or to throw objects and whip people away, as seen during the Battle of Veld. As an extension of its user, the lasso will go wherever they wish; the only being seen to resist its grip has been the god Ares.

While the lasso itself is 20 feet long, it can also magically extend and return as needed by the will of its user.[1][3] It is extremely durable and seemingly unbreakable, as well.


Ares manipulates the Lasso

Ares manipulating the lasso to show Wonder Woman his version of the truth

In addition to use as a weapon, the lasso compels anyone who makes contact with it to tell the truth. This ability has been shown to work both actively, such in the case of Steve Trevor's interrogation by the Amazons; or passively, as when Aquaman unknowingly sat on the lasso and revealed his inner thoughts.[2][4] There appears to be no restrictions on who can wield the lasso, as human Steve Trevor once used the lasso of his own volition to promise Diana Prince he would take her to the front.

The lasso's truth-telling abilities were shown to have only a limited effect on powerful supernatural beings like Olympians, as demonstrated by Ares during his confrontation with Diana. While bound by the lasso, Ares ignored Diana's questions and instead showed her his history and own truth, the peaceful world without humanity (although, while he didn't directly answered Diana's questions, he did reveal to her what as far as he concerned was the truth).[2]



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