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"Have you ever heard of a guy named Peacemaker?"
"He is a trained killer. We've got trouble with that maniac.
Sophie Song and Larry Fitzgibbon[src]

Lawrence "Larry" Fitzgibbon was the wry and kind partner of Sophie Song. Larry was eventually possessed by a butterfly along with the rest of the police station and the prisoners that were being held. Later, the butterfly that was possessing Larry was killed off by Vigilante.


"The answer is always more." ―Max Lord, Wonder Woman 1984
"The answer is always more." ―Max Lord, Wonder Woman 1984
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Early life

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Project Butterfly

Escape from Wild Estates Apartment Complex

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Annie Sturphausen investigation

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Arrest of Auggie Smith

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Searching anwers

Helping Sophie Song

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Freedom of Auggie Smith

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Chase of Peacemaker and Vigilante

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Attack on the Evergreen Police Department

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Powers and abilities


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  • Expert investigator: To be added
  • Expert markman: To be added





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  • Larry Fitzgibbon is to be an original character created by James Gunn for Peacemaker, named after his personal friend.
    • There is a character named Fitzgibbon in all of Gunn's projects.
  • Larry may be related to Doctor Fitzgibbon, the doctor who treats the inmates of Belle Reve, and wounded members of Task Force X.
  • Larry is a rare exception in Lochlyn Munro's acting career when he plays a good guy, albeit a short-lived one, as he was possessed by a butterfly at the end of Peacemaker's sixth episode.

Behind the scenes

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