Lana Lang is a girl who grew up in Smallville, Kansas and attended the same elementary school as Clark Kent, being his childhood friend and first crush.


Witnessing Clark's powers

Lana Lang as a child

Lana as a child.

Whilst on a school bus during a field trip, Lana was witness to her classmate, Pete Ross, bullying Clark Kent. She stuck up for Clark telling Pete to leave him alone. At that very moment, the bus blew a tire and drove off a bridge and into a river. The bus then started to fill with water and Clark ripped the back door of the bus open and used his super strength to push the bus out of the river, Lana witnessing the whole thing. Lana continued watching Clark as he dove back into the water to rescue Pete who was drowning. Later, when Pete's mother Helen visited Jonathan and Martha Kent, she believed Pete's story that Clark saved them, and stated that Lana had likewise seen the events.[2]

Clark's funeral

Lana attended Clark's funeral after his death in the battle with Doomsday.[3]



Behind the Scenes


  1. In Man of Steel Pete Ross and Lana Lang are shown as direct classmates in school, so they should be born in the same year of Clark Kent, in 1980.
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