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Lana Lang is a resident of Smallville, Kansas who attended the same elementary school as Clark Kent, being his childhood friend and first crush.


Early Life

Lana Lang was born in 1980 or 1981 to Sarah Lang,[1] and was presumably delivered by Dr. Whitaker.[2] At a few months shy of three years old, Lana met Clark Kent at the Kent farm as part of an arranged playdate setup by their mothers. When playing with Clark, she was overjoyed by Clark's feats of strength which he demonstrated by throwing her several feet into the air over and over again, with increasing thrust each time. Clark's adoptive mother Martha Kent was struck with fear by the display, forcing her to put the playdate to an abrupt end. After that brief meeting, Clark would not see her for quite some time, with his memory of that meeting eventually fading from his mind.

Seven years after that meeting, Lana met Clark once more when they became classmates in the same school. On one occasion she defended him from their aggressive classmate Whitney Fordham who tried to bully Clark once more. Lana tried to get him to stand up for himself, but Clark preferred to downplay Whitney's attack, quickly leaving the scene while Whitney jeered after him.[1] At some point after that second meeting, Clark developed a crush on Lana.[2]

Saved by Clark

Lana as a child.

Whilst on a school bus during a field trip, Lana was witness to her classmate, Pete Ross, bullying Clark Kent. She stuck up for Clark telling Pete to leave him alone. At that very moment, the bus blew a tire and drove off a bridge and into a river. The bus then started to fill with water and at some point Lana suffered a gash on her forehead. As the water began rising, Lana struggled to breathe, forced to hold her breath underwater. Her body began to numb from the water's freezing temperature at the same time that her breath was running out. Then suddenly, the water began to recede and Lana was able to take in air.[2] Upon turning around, she saw Clark standing in the rear doorway. Lana continued watching Clark as he dove back into the water to rescue Pete who was drowning. She ran over to the doorway, followed by the other students as they watched Clark bring Pete to the surface.[3]

Emergency sirens began to blare, signaling the arrival of emergency responders, yet Clark was focused on looking at the shocked look on Lana's face as he stared back at her. Lana quickly backed away, showing apprehension at his presence.[2] Later, when Pete's mother Helen visited Jonathan and Martha, she believed Pete's story that Clark saved them, and claimed that Lana and Whitney had likewise seen Clark's gifts in action.[4] Over the next few years, Lana barely talked to Clark, a trend that continued until he was 17 years old.[2]

Funeral of Clark Kent

Lana attended Clark's funeral after his sacrifice to put an end to Doomsday in the Showdown of Gotham Port.[5]





Behind the scenes


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