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"Gaius Grieves, the Thinker, is a geneticist in charge of Project Starfish. After hours he hangs out at a gentleman's club known as La Gatita Amable."
Amanda Waller to Task Force X[src]

La Gatita Amable is a gentleman's club in Valle Del Mar, Corto Maltese. Task Force X went to the club to inquire the Thinker to help them in destroying Jotunheim, as Thinker could be found hanging out at the club after hours.[1]


Early days

After Starro was imprisoned in Jotunheim and Gaius Grieves was assigned to supervise him, Grieves eventually began frequenting La Gatita Amable club in his spare time. This information was collected by A.R.G.U.S. and the Maltese Resistance some time later.[1]

Kidnapping of Thinker

"Mis amigos, no se preocupen. Estamos buscando a todo yankee que ande dando vuelta. Esperamos no interrumpirle la velada, pero nos tienen que demostrar sus D.N.I."
Corto Maltese Armed Forces soldier[src]

After the execution of the Herrera family in Corto Maltese, the A.R.G.U.S. team leaded by Amanda Waller sent the second strike team of Task Force X to infiltrate Jotunheim and destroy all the records related to Project Starfish, informing them about how to kidnap Gaius Grieves in La Gatita Amable club, to help them on the mission.[1]

The team was able to rescue the Maltese rebel Milton from some soldiers of the country, so Sol Soria guided the team explaining that Milton would take them to La Gatita Amable club. After arriving, the squad would enter to the club and spend a few hours waiting, while Milton waited at the club entrance, seeing that Grieves was late in arriving, the squad decided to hanging out having fun at the party, asking for a fernet to take the waitress, later they started dancing at the disco. When Grieves arrived, Bloodsport approached and threaten him with a pistol to force them to go to Jotunheim and let them enter. The squad prepared to leave the place, however some soldiers of the Corto Maltese Armed Forces sent by Mateo Suarez would arrive in search of the Americans who arrived in the country.[1]

Consequently, Bloodsport would ask Cleo Cazo and Abner Krill to take Gaius Grieves to the truck using the back doors and threatening him with the pistol, while DuBois, Smith and Flag would surrender to the soldiers. The soldiers caused panic among the people at the party by requesting the IDs of the people present, until Bloodsport, Rick Flag and Christopher Smith surrendered to the soldiers voluntarily, so they were handcuffed and imprisoned in a truck and then left. However, the group would manage to escape from the Armed Forces by crashing the truck in which they were transported and killing the soldiers, captured Thinker with handcuffs on the truck saw the squad to meet again.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • When translated directly from Spanish, La Gatita Amable means "the kind little cat" or "the kind kitty". However, the word "amable" in Spanish has a very similar meaning to the English equivalent "amenable". While "amenable" can mean kind, it can also mean "open and accomodating". In English, referring to the female genitalia with vulgar words synonymous with "cat" is commonplace. Because of this, La Gatita Amable is very likely a Spanish euphemism for a woman's vagina open for sex.[2]
  • Real-life strip club the Clermont Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia doubles as La Gatita Amable.