Kryptonian energy pistols are weapons used by soldiers within Krypton's military.


It was used by members of the Kryptonian Warrior Guild during Krypton's peak years.

Later on, when Lois Lane was released from her cell, Car-Vex came up with her weapon, only for Jor-El to shut the door, knocking the weapon out of the trooper's hand for Lois to pick up. Jor-El also assisted Lois by telling her where to shoot while escorting her to an escape pod; however, the weapon was taken out of Lois's hand when she tried firing on Car-Vex, who was attempting to stop the former's escape. Car-Vex did, however, manage to hit the escape pod with several shots, successfully damaging it as it launched from the Black Zero.[1]

After the Black Zero Event in Metropolis, several Kryptonian weapons found their way onto the black market. Some criminals used these weapons, including a Kryptonian pistol, to break into Wayne Enterprises R&D Facility and steal from the vault. They were ultimately stopped by Superman who destroyed the weapons afterwards.[2]


Kryptonian Energy Pistols are standard sidearm munitions designed to emit blue plasma bolts.


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