Kryptonian Plasma Rifles were weapons used by soldiers within Krypton's military.[1]


Kryptonian Plasma Rifles was used by the Kryptonian Warrior Guild led by General Zod during their attack on the Council of Five. Jor-El managed to get a hold of one of these rifles and use it to defend himself. He took it back to his lab where he protected his wife Lara Lor-Van and his infant son Kal-El.[1]

After the Black Zero Event in Metropolis, several Kryptonian weapons found their way onto the black market. A group of criminals used these weapons to break into the Wayne Enterprises R&D Facility to steal from the vault. They were ultimately stopped by Superman, who destroyed the weapons afterwards.[2]


Kryptonian Plasma Rifles are designed to emit blue or green energy blasts. Certain variants of the rifles can melt objects.[2]


  • Soldiers within the military guild often make use of a scaled down Side Arm as reserve munitions.


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