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Kryptonian Plasma Rifles were weapons used by soldiers within Krypton's military.[1]


Kryptonian plasma rifles were used by the Kryptonian Warrior Guild led by General Dru-Zod during their attack on the Council of Five. Jor-El managed to get a hold of one of these rifles and use it to defend himself. He took it back to his lab where he protected his wife Lara Lor-Van and his infant son Kal-El.[1]

After the Black Zero Event in Metropolis, several Kryptonian weapons found their way onto the black market. A group of criminals used these weapons to break into the Wayne Enterprises R&D Facility to steal from the vault. They were ultimately stopped by Superman, who destroyed the weapons afterwards.[2]

Batman and Alfred Pennyworth later acquired a Kryptonian rifle to test Batman's new armguards. When Alfred fired on the armguard, the energy from the plasma was absorbed and dissipated as intended, leaving the armor unscathed.[3]


Kryptonian Plasma Rifles are designed to emit blue or green energy blasts. Much like the Kryptonian Pistol, the Kryptonian Rifle is designed to emit thick blue energy bolts, killing living targets usually with a single hit (as Zod did with Ro-Zar). These weapons are extremely effective against Kryptonians within their native atmosphere under a Red Sun. Certain variants of the rifles can melt items.[2]


  • Soldiers within the military guild often make use of a scaled down side arm as reserve munitions.