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"I've never understood why the Council thinks this is a good test for pilots. Or why we have to wear these itchy suits."
"We're simulating the harsh and unpredictable conditions Explorer's Guild members potentially encounter, Kell. There's no telling what we could find before the terraforming begins."
Kell-Ur and Kara Zor-El[src]

The Kryptonian Explorer Guild or Explorer's Guild was one of the guilds of Krypton. It was used during the period known as the Kryptonian expansion, also known as the Great Age of Expansion.


Kryptonian expansion[]

In a period called the Kryptonian Expansion, or known as the Great Age of Expansion, the Kryptonian Explorer Guild commissioned scout ships to explore and settle on new worlds. When Kryptonians settled on new worlds, they used great machines called World Engines to reshape the environment to whatever they wanted. Kara Zor-El was among of the Kryptonians that settled on other worlds.

When she was old enough, she signed up for the Explorer Guild to train as a pilot, and she succeeded.She had her own team of candidates of the terraforming project, like Dev-Em, who killed her boyfriend Kell-Ur. She went with her team and colonized on the planet Earth, abandoning the Scout Ship 0344 and she and her team's fate were left unknown.[1]

End of Krypton[]

Kryptonians began having a lack of resources on their new homes, and outposts became abandoned with only Kryptonian remains. As a result, careless mining began in the planetary core, making the core unstable and thereby destroying Krypton.[2] Because of this, all the guilds of Krypton, including the Explorer Guild, became inactive.