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Kryptonian Battle Armor were protective garments worn for combat and used by Kryptonians exclusively on the planet Krypton.


Jor-El in Standard Kryptonian Battle Armor

Jor-El wearing armor with the insignia of the House of El.

Kryptonian Battle Armor would be worn over a Kryptonian's clothing, usually lined with Kryptonian chain mail. It would be assembled piece by piece in order to be worn. On the chestpiece of the armor, it would often display the wearer's house or guild symbol.[1]


Zod's coup

Certain armors, such as the armor worn by General Dru-Zod, were equipped with retractable blades within the gauntlets.[1] Though offering extra protection, the armor does not protect the wearer from plasma blasts from Kryptonian rifles. The separation of the armor pieces also leaves unprotected spots of which can be taken advantage in combat, an example being Zod fatally wounding Jor-El by stabbing him between pieces.[1]