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Kord Industries, or simply Kord,[2] is a large multi-billion dollar, multinational research and development corporation, specialising in defense.[1][3] It is among the top three charitable businesses in the United States, along with Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp Industries.[4]


Launched at some point in either 1985 or earlier, Kord Industries would turn into a leading force in the technological defense industry.[1]

Kord Industries pledged to expand investments within Metropolis in the wake of the devastating events of the Black Zero Event and the example laid out by billionnaire Lex Luthor, who had earlier announced his plans to rebuild Lexcorp Tower.[2]

The company is best known for its military defense contracts. By 2015, Kord Industries' research and development budget had reached $707,000,000. However, by that time they were facing heavy competition in the field from LexCorp Industries.[1]

That same year, Kord Industries' products had become one of the many popular brands being sold at the Avenue of Tomorrow in Metropolis.[5]

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