The Knightmare Flash suit is an alternate version of the Flash suit created by Batman in an alternate reality.[1]


Insurgency Knightmare

In an alternate version of Earth, Barry Allen wears a mechanical version of the suit designed by Bruce Wayne. This suit is more heavily armored and streamlined, while also having a retractable face shield that allows Barry to smash through obstacles without sustaining damage.[2]

A cryptic warning

With the aid of Cyborg's calculations,[1] the Flash from an alternate Earth was able to run back in time to warn Bruce Wayne of the dangers that Superman could pose. Barry told Bruce that Lois Lane was the key to everything, but soon realized he went too far back for Bruce to understand what he meant. Distraught, Barry hastily told Bruce to gather the future members of the Justice League. Bruce later told Diana Prince that they would need to fight following the death of Superman, and when asked why he believed a battle would be coming, he merely remarked it was just a feeling, not telling her of Barry's message.[2]


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