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The kingdoms of Atlantis (also known as tribes or nations) are seven separate, extant, extinct, or lost political entities that formed after the fall of the Atlantean Empire. While each have their own distinct cultures or evolutions, they all share a common Atlantean background. Of the seven, only four are currently thriving: Atlantis, Xebel, the Fishermen, and the Brine.


"The ocean swallowed us, and Atlantis sank."
Vulko to Arthur Curry and Mera[src]

Thousands of years ago, Atlantis was united above the sea and the most powerful empire the world had ever seen. Led by King Atlan, rapid technological advancements backfired, splitting the kingdom into seven separate political units. The heads of those kingdoms met at the Council of Kings. Prior to this time, Atlanteans enjoyed a time of prosperity and great technological innovation, far more advanced than any other on Earth. After pushing the limits of King Atlan's trident too far, however, Atlantis sank into the ocean.

Those that survived the Great Fall gained the ability to breathe underwater. Over the eons, as Atlanteans adapted and evolved in different ways, and the once united empire diverged further over time.[1]

The seven kingdoms

Of the seven kingdoms, as of 2018 only four are known to be thriving or sentient. The Trench devolved, Deserters died off, and the seventh disappeared.[1]


"Atlantis is many wonderful things. But forgiving, it is not"
Mera to Arthur Curry[src]

As its name would suggest, the Kingdom of Atlantis is the capitol and most important of the seven kingdoms, and is the center of Atlantean life and culture. Built atop the ruins of the old Atlantis, it has since grown over the millennia into a technologically-advanced city. The kingdom itself is difficult to access, as it is surrounded by high sea walls which are guarded by plasma cannons.

Culturally, Atlanteans are proud, warlike, and notoriously unforgiving. They are physiologically identical to humans, although with the ability to live underwater. As with the other extant kingdoms, Atlantis is ruled by a king or queen, who resides in the royal palace within the city.

Notable locations


"Never thought I’d see the day where my own father would bow before the King of Atlantis"
Mera to Nereus[src]

Second only to Atlantis, the Kingdom of Xebel has been Atlantis' greatest rival through history. Like the other remaining kingdoms, Xebel is proud and does not easily bow to the whims of Atlantis. The two share a complicated past, at times each other's greatest ally or enemy. Nevertheless, the two have supported each other in recent history. For example, its princess, Mera, was partially trained and raised by Queen Atlanna of Atlantis, and later betrothed to Orm, King of Atlantis.

Xebelians themselves are physiologically identical to Atlanteans, retaining their human appearance and gaining the ability to breathe underwater after the Great Fall.[1]


"It is the position of the Fishermen that when it comes time to make ourselves known to the landsmen, it shall be to educate them - not to destroy them."
King Ricou to Orm[src]
Kingdom of the Fisherman

Kingdom of the Fishermen

Of the four thriving kingdoms, the Fishermen appear to be the most technologically advanced, with a culture that places an emphasis on intellectualism and learning. Like those of other kingdoms, inhabitants of the Fishermen kingdom evolved after the Great Fall, becoming beings with human-like heads and torsos and elegant fishtails instead of legs, covered in brightly-colored scales with fin appendages.

While, themselves, proud of their peaceful and thoughtful nature, others such as Orm regard them as cowardly and culturally stagnant, hiding behind their academia and ivory towers.

Their kingdom appears to be located within some sort of kelp forest, and their city made of shining coral-like structures. Their current leader is Scales, daughter of King Ricou, who was assassinated by Orm for refusing to join Atlantis in preparations for their war against the surface.[1]


"We will not bow to Atlantis - we’re gonna give them a fight that they will never forget!"
―The Brine King shortly before leading an attack on the forces of Atlantis[src]
Brine King

The Brine King leading his people into battle

One of the four remaining kingdoms, the Brine Kingdom is most unique in the fact that its inhabitants have evolved into crustacean-type people. Brutish, proud, and easy to provoke, the Brine seem to have the worst relationship with the Kingdom of Atlantis, refusing to even consider supporting Orm in his war.

The physical kingdom itself appears to be lined by craggy mountains and streaked with rivers of lava. Their technology seems to be inspired by their own forms and environment. For instance, their forms of transportation resemble different types of crabs, including horseshoe crabs; while their weapons utilize the rivers of lava running through the ocean floor.

Like the other kingdoms, the Brine apparently operates under a monarchy; it is currently led by the Brine King.[1]  


"Others regressed - became savage."
Vulko explaining the history of Atlantis[src]

The Kingdom of the Trench, while technically its own political entity, is populated by savage humanoid-fish creatures who know little other than how to hunt. As such, it is considered one of the three fallen kingdoms. The beasts that make up the kingdom are also known as simply trench.

The Kingdom itself appears to be a clearly defined area located in the depths of the ocean. Within its boundaries also lies a vortex which acts as a portal to the Hidden Sea in the Earth's core, which is also where two Atlantean myths - Atlan's trident and the Karathen - were hidden away.

The Trench is also used as a punishment by at least one other kingdom. Queen Atlanna was exiled (also called a sacrifice) to the kingdom after King Orvax learnt about her life on the surface prior to their marriage.

It is currently unknown why the Trench devolved into their present form. They were assumed to be uncontrollable monsters for much of history, and it was only after Arthur wielded Atlan's trident that he was able to command them and bring them back into the fold of the Atlantean empire.[1]


"One of the tribes of Atlantis broke off and settled here when this region was still an inland sea. When the water dried up, they perished along with it."
Mera to Arthur Curry while trekking through the Sahara[src]
Kingdom of the Deserters

The ruins of the Kingdom of the Deserters

At some point in history, one of the Kingdoms broke away from the other six and settled in what is now the Sahara Desert, and what was then a sea. It is not known why or when they broke away or eventually perished.[1]

Notable locations


"The lost nation had not yet vanished."
Orm to Nereus[src]

Little is known of the Lost Kingdom, or how it vanished in the first place.


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