The Kingdom of the Fishermen is one of the seven kingdoms of Atlantis. After Atlantis sunk into the ocean, the Fishermen evolved and created their own kingdom. After the War for Atlantis, all the kingdoms that were still active, including the Fishermen Kingdom, reunited into one.


Sinking of Atlantis

Becoming a Solo Kingdom

During a test with the Trident of Atlan, Atlantis sunk into the ocean. After the kingdom of Atlantis fell into the ocean, the kingdom separated from Atlantis and evolved on his own. Here developed artwork and philosophy, which it became notable for.

War for Atlantis

Reunion with Atlantis

In 2018, King Orm visited the kingdom in hopes of uniting the kingdoms by attacking the surface world. However, Ricou, the Fishermen King would rather educate the humans instead of attacking them, and he denied his offer. Rebuffed, Orm killed Riocu and coerced his wife Rina, the Fishermen Queen and his daughter Scales, the Fishermen Princess into joining him with their army in the war.

After Orm's defeat and arrest, Scales supported Aquaman's ascent to the throne and the kingdom reunited with Atlantis.[1]


Little is known about the finer details of Fishermen culture, aside from their emphasis on learning and education. But as evidenced by King Ricou's armor, Rina's and their daughter, Scales' ensemble, they appear to favor gold and silver with elaborate, fish-like designs.




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