The Kingdom of the Deserters was one of the seven Kingdoms of Atlantis that splintered from Atlantis after the Great Fall. It is currently located underneath the dunes of the Sahara Desert.


Sometime after Atlantis sank under the sea, a number of Atlanteans broke off and formed the Kingdom of the Deserters, occupying an inland sea in Northern Africa. Eventually, however, the sea dried out and became the desert now known as the Sahara, ultimately causing its inhabitants to die. What remains of the kingdom is littered with debris and marine skeletons, and its once great underwater halls are now chasms located underneath the dunes.

Either during the great fall or at a later, unspecified point, the forge where the Trident of Atlan was placed there, along with a structure that had the ability to play a message from King Atlan, giving instructions for Atlantis' true heir to find the trident.[1]

In 2018, Arthur Curry and Princess Mera of Xebel traveled to the dead kingdom to search for the ancient technology located in the forge that would allow them to locate Atlan's Trident.


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