The Kingdom of the Brine is one of the seven kingdoms that splintered off when the ancient Atlantis sank. It is located in a tectonically active region of the seafloor. Its inhabitants, the Brine, have evolved into crab-like creatures, although they are still capable of speech, and they are led by the Brine King.

King Nereus of Xebel considers them a brutish people who only understand force.


After the fall of Atlantis, a number of Atlanteans broke off and formed their own kingdom, the Kingdom of the Brine.[1]

Army of Brine

Eventually, in an attempt to win their submission and ultimate allegiance, which would allow Orm Marius to become "Ocean Master", he, along with Nereus and Scales, led their armies against the Brine. The battle was interrupted by the Karathen breaking through the sea floor alongside Arthur Curry and Mera, helping turn the tide of the battle.[1]


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