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"During King Atlan's time, there were seven united kingdoms of Atlantis, and the black city was a curse upon them all. By exploiting Orichalcum, Necrus rapidly became a super power unlike any other, but it came at a terrible price. Poisoning the land, the sea, even the mind of the tyrant who ruled Necrus, Atlan's own brother, Kordax."
Orm Marius[src]

The Lost Kingdom of Necrus, also known as the Lost Nation[1] or the Black City, was one of the seven kingdoms that existed before the ancient Atlantis sank and was ruled by the tyrant Kordax.[2] There was also an army that served under the king.


Early History[]

Before the Great Fall of Atlantis, Necrus was one of the seven unified kingdoms of Atlantis. However. the kingdom had been ruled by the tyrannical Kordax, the brother of King Atlan and began exploiting deposits of Orichalcum, which turned Necrus into a vast superpower. However, the Orichaclum ended up emitting large levels of greenhouse gases that nearly caused a rapid global climate cataclysm. Despite Atlan's objection, Kordax grew more power-hungry and created the Black Trident. Using the trident, Kordax turned himself and the inhabitants of Necrus into corrupted monsters, before waging war on Atlantis.

Erased from History[]

After Kordax was imprisoned in the glaciers of Antarctica and Necrus was frozen solid, many records of Necrus' existence was erased from Atlantean history. Atlan also used his blood to seal Kordax and the kingdom of Necrus underneath the ice for millennia to come.

In Atlantean Legend[]

During his teenage years, Arthur Curry asked his trainer Vulko about the Lost Kingdom. Vulko however refused to tell him anything significant, simply saying that no one knew what had happened to them. That the Kingdom had simply disappeared one day.[1] When discussing a potential alliance between Xebel and the Kingdom of Atlantis, King Nereus emphasized his belief that the Lost Nation, like the Deserters had long perished.[2]


Behind the Scenes[]

  • Zack Snyder's planned story arc for the first Justice League sequel involved Aquaman's conflict with the Lost Kingdom, located on an underwater continental shelf filled with tide pools and underwater volcanoes.[3]



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